4 Ways to Overcome Android Stuck in Meta Mode

Portalsitaro.com – For HP repairmen who often do flashing activities, they may be confused when they find that the cellphone they are working on is having problems stuck in meta mode.

Problems with Android phones such as Realme and OPPO, which often experience software problems, are indeed a dilemma for novice repairmen. The reason is, the heart’s intention to fix it, eh, it turns out to be even more problematic.

It’s over, boncos yes!.

Well, below we will provide a solution for the occurrence of android stuck in meta mode. So, please refer to the explanation that we provide below and understand until the end of the article. Check this out…

Android Phone Stuck in Meta Mode

There is a problem with the Android device being stuck in the meta mode menu, you can clearly know this. The characteristics of the cellphone being stuck in this meta mode are when the cellphone changes color even though nothing is done.

For example, a cell phone in a blank state of green color suddenly turns blue, a moment later the color changes to yellow, a moment later it changes to red, and other colors. This is what we think of as being stuck in Meto Mode

So, how do you fix an Android phone that is stuck in min meta mode? is it necessary flash repeat to do it? To answer this question, please see the full details below.

How to Overcome Android Stuck in Meta Mode

For those of you who are experiencing this kind of condition, we have a solution so that your cellphone can return to normal. We took this trick from flasher who have had the same problem. The method:

  1. Please tap the Oppo or Realme cellphone that is stuck in meta mode, in the ‘Power + Volume Up’ section. Press and hold until the android phone restart (off condition).
  2. If so, please press the power button until the cellphone that is stuck in this meta mode turns on again.
  3. Then the HP can be turned on and used again.
  4. Done

By doing the above method, the Android device that was previously stuck in meta mode will again be able to be restored properly. So, the cellphone will be normal and can be used again.

The occurrence of HP stuck in meta mode is often experienced by HP Oppo and Realme users and other cellphones that use MediaTek chipsets. So, for those of you who use the chipset, please be careful when you want mobile phone software so that there are no problems.

That’s the information we can share related to how to deal with android stuck in meta mode. Use the trick above so you don’t get confused and make compensation payments for error that you are facing right now. Thank you and hopefully useful.