4 Ways to Overcome Shopee M02 Checkout Fail

Portalsitaro.com – When shopping on the Shopee application, sometimes some users get a notification with a code in it, whether it’s f01, u02, k06, f05 and also m02.

The emergence of these unique codes makes users unable to continue transactions on one of the leading online marketplace applications in Indonesia. So, they failed to fail in the checkout process on the shopee application.

Since here we will discuss this, focusing on the Shopee m02 code. So below, we will briefly explain the M02 code error in Shopee along with the causes and how to solve it. Here’s the full explanation.

Code M02 Shopee

M02 Shopee is a unique code that appears when Shopee users are experiencing problems in the transaction process. Not only m02 code, sometimes there are also unique codes that appear when the transaction is running.

The code appears indicating that the transaction made by the user is experiencing a problem. And the problem that often arises when these unique codes appear is ‘failed checkout at Shopee’.

The appearance of the code can also be interpreted as a problem that occurs in the system in the Shopee application. Which in essence, users can not continue shopping activities.

Causes Shopee Code M02 Appears

When you find the code m02, f01, u02, k06, or f05. Many users want to know what causes this unique code to appear when checking out, choosing a delivery service, choosing a product to buy, or others.

From some of the information we took from the Facebook groups, which discussed the m02 code. there are several possibilities behind the emergence of this Shopee code. Among others are:

  • When there is a prize event on Shopee, users use two Shopee accounts in one device. So that Shopee limits user accounts.
  • The code informs you that the expedition you are using is not supported by a shipping address.
  • There is a system down problem, insufficient balance, or the product does not support the payment you are using.
  • There are product differences in the checkout process, so not all products are supported by the selected delivery service.
  • The voucher used is invalid or does not support the product you want to buy. This is because each voucher must have terms and conditions that apply.

How to Overcome Shopee M02 Checkout Failed

After knowing the possible reasons for the Shopee M02 error, you can do the following things so that the checkout process for goods in this online shopping application returns to normal.

  1. Before buying an item, please clear the trash or cache in the Shopee application. You can use the HP junk cleaner application or go directly to the settings menu and enter the application options to clean it.
  2. Next, make sure that the voucher you are using is still valid. Because, most likely the Shopee m02 code appears because the user forgot to check the voucher he wanted to use.
  3. Don’t forget, when you want to choose a shipping service. Please use the freight forwarder that is recommended. For example, using the Shopee Express delivery service, which is a type of expedition built by Shopee itself.
  4. In addition, when you want to buy many items with different types in the same shop. Take turns checking out to avoid mistakes.
  5. Finally, make sure the Shopee application you are using is the latest version on the Play Store or App Store.

Those are some things you need to do to overcome shopee check out failure because the m02 code appears. If after doing the above but the code still appears, please contact Shopee application customer service and tell us the problem. Attach the screenshot of the notification to make it easier for CS Shopee to solve it.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the failed shopee m02 checkout. Hopefully the little info we share is useful and adds insight to users who are experiencing this condition.

When users want to make transactions on Shopee, sometimes unique codes appear that confuse users. No need to worry, because you can use the method above to fix it. Thank you and hopefully useful.