5 Effective Tips for Overcoming Stubborn Climbs

Dirt is dirt that sticks to the skin, and if left and not cleaned it will make it difficult to remove. We often encounter stubborn climbs in the inner thigh folds, the inner folds of the base of the arm or armpit, and behind the back of the knee. After some time later I share about how to whiten black armpits and groin Due to certain reasons such as dead skin cells and hyperpigmentation, this time I will share about how to get rid of stubborn dirt. Stubborn dirt can also cause a buildup of dirt on the skin and if left unchecked, a blackish discoloration of the skin will occur.

Actually, dirt is easy to remove if you regularly clean it, but for certain cases it is also difficult or rarely cleaned because the skin is closed or hidden, such as in the inner groin and in the armpit. This stubborn climb is one of the causes of black armpits, neck, skin behind the knees, knees, elbows and groin. The following are some natural ways to overcome or clean stubborn dirt.

Effective Tips for Overcoming Stubborn Climbs

Shower regularly
Yes, one effective way to clean and prevent stubborn dirt is to clean your body regularly so that the remaining dirt, dust or sweat does not become dirt or stubborn dirt. Clean the areas of skin that are closed and often have bumps such as the neck, armpits, groin, knees, elbows etc.

Using pumice
Pumice stone is very useful for overcoming or cleaning stubborn climbs, pumice stone is also useful for scrubbing and cleaning fierce skin such as on the elbows and knees. pumice stone is also very efficacious to overcome cracked & cracked heels. Rub the pumice stone on the area of ​​​​the skin where the dirt is thick and difficult to remove slowly and regularly. If you regularly use it every time you shower, see the difference in 1 week, the skin that has a lot of stubborn dirt will peel off and your skin will look brighter.

Using coffee dust
Coffee grounds contain substances that are very good for scrubbing effects or exfoliating dead skin cells, including dirt. when you take a shower use coffee dust on the skin area that has stubborn dirt, rub gently and massage for about 10 minutes then wash off with clean water.

Lime contains nutrients that are very good for the skin including antioxidants, antibacterial and high Vitamin C. So that lime will be very sweet for exfoliating or removing dead skin cells and accelerating skin rejuvenation. That way the skin with thick and blackened daki such as the armpits, elbows, knees and groin can be resolved. How to cut a lime into two pieces and then rub it on the skin area for 20-15 minutes. It should be noted that the skin you are going to rub does not have an open wound or condition because it will feel sore on the skin.

Mix of rice flour, olive oil and lime
well if you want to make a natural scrub or scrub use these tips which help to exfoliate dead skin cells or stubborn dirt and help smooth and brighten the skin. Take a handful of rice and then fry the roast (without oil), after the rice changes color to brown, remove it and grind it to a powder so that it forms dust / powder. After that add a little water, olive oil and lime juice, use this paste to scrub or scrub.