5 Free Cloud Gaming Services Trial

With Cloud Gaming, users don’t need to buy expensive devices to get powerful specifications. Because Cloud Gaming is enjoyed even on devices low-end though. And one very important thing to have is a very stable internet connection.

Over time, many companies are developing Cloud Gaming with varying prices. And some of them provide free trial access with an average of a month or a week.

The way Cloud Gaming works is very simple. Where is your device as client only need internet access to connect with server gaming computer that has been provided. Or the simple term is the same as using a computer directly remotelike using RDP or Teamviewer, only the PING is more stable.

So from now on you can try Cloud Gaming from several sites that are shared here. Some of it requires credit card only for validation about 1 USD or the equivalent of 15 thousand rupiah.

5 Cloud Gaming Provider Sites with Free Trial Access

1. NVIDIA Geforce NOW


NVIDIA apparently provides cloud gaming services. And when this article was written, the service was still in the development stage (BETA) and was only available for countries in the Americas and Europe.

NVIDIA Geforce NOW provides free access for 1 hour to try the game Free-To-Play like Fortnite, Paladins, LOL, and so on. But they also already have a monthly price for this service, approx $5.

2. Google Stadia

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming

Google also provides a cloud gaming service called Stadia. They provide free access for a month for new users. And the free games that can be tried are also very limited. But who knows in the future they will provide more free games to play.

For now Stadia is also still not supported for Asian countries. And to be able to enjoy the games that are in it, users are required to have Stadia Controller.

Another advantage is that users do not need to install programs, and can directly play games through the Google Chrome browser. So it’s like you’re streaming video.

3. Utomic


Utomik provides free trial access for 14 days. Compared to the others, there are more games in Utomik and they are added every month. The price for the private package is $7.

Users are required to install the Utomik program to be able to start playing the game. And even better, Utomik has supported the Asian region.

4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Basically, Microsoft Azure is not a cloud gaming service, but a cloud computing service similar to Google Cloud. The difference here is that you can manage your own computer server and install games independently without any limitations.

There are several tutorials that you can follow on Youtube to manage your own cloud gaming on Azure with the help of the Parsec program. The price varies greatly depending on the specifications of the virtual computer and GPU that you make.

5. Playkey


Playkey offers tons of free games to play, even some demo games are included. They also provide free trial access, but the time given is quite limited, which is only 20 minutes.

The normal price of Playkey service per hour is $2. But the more watches you buy, the bigger the discount.

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So of the five cloud gaming services above, which one will you try? Everything has strengths and weaknesses separately. In my opinion, NVIDIA Geforce NOW is quite cheap and good, but the drawback is that it is still not available for countries in Asia.

You can also try all of the sites above to compare which one is the best in terms of comfort and stability in playing.

Hopefully useful and good luck