5 ID Buildings Made by Khoirun Niswah, Can be saved!

Portalsitaro.com – Who doesn’t know Khoirun Niswah? Yep, the Youtubers of the sakura school simulator game are one of the creators who often make various kinds of buildings.

Khoirun Niswah has made various kinds of buildings, such as artist houses, cartoon houses, mosques, luxury homes which are shared on his YouTube channel.

Well, below we will share various kinds of building IDs made by Kak Khoirun Niswah. For Sakubers who want to know the list of id props, please read this article to the end to find out.

Collection of ID Building Khoirun Niswah

Here are the khoirun niswah props in the sakura school simulator game, please see for complete information:

  1. The Krusty Krab, the ID is: 8816 1620 9734 55
  2. BlackPink’s house, the ID is: 9216 1620 8088 11
  3. Iglo House, the ID is: 4116 1621 2914 10
  4. Home Decoration Girl, the ID is: 8816 1621 1891 55
  5. Great Mosque, the ID is: 4316 1621 2398 6

That’s a row of buildings that have been made by Khoirun Niswah in the game sakura school simulator. Even though we don’t list everything, we think the buildings above can represent the various buildings made by this creator.

You can also save some of the buildings above. So, please use wisely the id sakura school simulator khoirun niswah above.

This is the information we can convey regarding the id of Khoirun Niswah and the various buildings he made. Hopefully by knowing the id of this creator, you will be more motivated to make works like that.

We also recommend always supporting everything that is made by the creators of sakura school simulator, even if it looks messy or not good to look at.

Because, we don’t know how difficult it was to build the building. So please like, comment, share and subscribe the channel they developed. If you can give constructive suggestions, so that they can be more enthusiastic and continue to work better every day. Thank you and hopefully useful