5 Key Tips to Prevent Cancer

Prevent cancer – The fact that cancer is a scary disease is true, almost all cancers are dangerous and lead to death if not treated further. Even treatment for this cancer takes a long time, the cost is expensive. We all know that cancer is one of the most killing diseases in the world, even more and more types of cancer are being discovered. According to medical language, cancer is a disease characterized by characteristic cell cycle abnormalities that make the ability of cells to grow uncontrollably (cell division exceeds normal limits), invade nearby biological tissues or migrate to other body tissues through the blood circulation or lymphatic system, called metastasis. .

So that’s why cancer is categorized as a dangerous disease. However, the reality is that most cancers can be prevented through lifestyle changes, early detection and treatment. Prevention is better than cure which is the perfect statement to prevent this cancer from attacking you. Eating a healthy & balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, avoiding smoking, etc. Remember, the lifestyle choices you make every day, no matter how small they are, can make a big difference in your life. Here are some tips to prevent cancer:

Cancer Prevention Tips

Eat healthy food
The food you eat plays an important role in your general health, and in this case to prevent cancer. A person’s cancer risk can be reduced by eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Limit your fat intake, especially those from animal sources. Non-vegetarians should limit their consumption of red meat. Also, the intake of salty foods and processed foods with salt should be taken in moderation. Reduce sugar content in food, avoid fast food (junk food), instant noodles, unhealthy snacks, etc.

Avoid bad habits
Bad habits resemble unclean living both the cleanliness of your body and your environment. Avoid smoking or anything about tobacco, as you know 1 cigarette contains at least more than 4000 toxic and harmful chemicals. Tobacco in any form is harmful to health and increases the risk of developing cancer. Some examples of cancers that can be caused by tobacco are lung, bladder, cervical and kidney cancers, oral and pancreatic cancers.

Also avoid drinking liquor, if you really can’t stop your habit of drinking, set moderate drinking limits. Studies show that the standard is conducive to two small drinks for men and one drink for women a day. But it would be nice for you to stop this bad habit. but some studies show and claim that drinking a small glass of wine a day can provide a better chance of avoiding heart failure than those who don’t drink at all.

Another bad habit is stress. stress triggers the immune system to decrease so that when cancer cells attack your body’s system can’t ward off it. Stress is a natural thing and part of our lives, but by managing our stress levels to the lowest limit, we can reduce our risk of developing various diseases including cancer.

Exercise regularly
Exercise is an effective way to prevent any disease, including cancer prevention. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes every day will boost your immune system from disease and keep you healthy. People can be said to be healthy if there are no disturbances that cause the body’s organs to run abnormally, and the systems in the body run normally.

Physical exercise for 30 minutes every day can lower your risk of cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and kidney cancer. Exercise also does not have to be heavy such as jogging, walking leisurely, swimming, gymnastics can reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

Protection from the sun
Sunlight is very useful for the health of your body but it only applies when the sun is from 7-9, after that the sun will contain ultraviolet light (UVA / UVB) which can increase the risk of skin cancer. If you have to do a lot of activities in the hot sun like field workers, then wear clothes that protect your skin from direct sunlight, or wear an anti-sunblock with SPF 15 that will protect your skin in the sun.

Regular medical care
Knowing early is an effective thing to prevent this cancer, check your health condition at least every 2 or 3 months so that you will get the perfect treatment before the disease spreads, including this cancer. Getting regular medical care can reduce the risk of developing cancer. Research has shown that screening for cervical, colorectal and breast cancer can help treat them before they develop into deadly, advanced cancers. Also, vaccines such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and Hepatitis B can help reduce the risk of cancer.