5 Powerful Tips to Keep Your Body Slim & Ideal

Having an ideal body weight and slim is the desire of almost every woman. But unfortunately many women have difficulty in maintaining and caring for their weight so that they have an ideal body weight and stay slim. Yes, body weight can go up and down influenced by many factors such as food intake, lifestyle levels and stress. Maintaining an ideal body weight and staying slim is quite a difficult thing to do. But there are some tips you can do to keep your body weight ideal and stay slim.

To maintain your ideal and slim body weight, of course, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid bad habits, improve eating habits and exercise regularly. Here are some tips to maintain your body weight to stay ideal and of course slim healthy:

Powerful Tips for Keeping the Body Slim & Ideal

Regular exercise
Yes, to keep aben of calories or piles of fat in your body, the first thing to maintain an ideal body weight is to exercise regularly. Exercising regularly at least 30 minutes every day can be cycling, jogging, leisurely walks, swimming or other fun sports will really help your body weight is maintained and the body will stay slim and healthy.

Avoid unhealthy food & drinks
One of the reasons why you gain weight unexpectedly is because the food and food you eat is wrong. Avoid consuming fast food (junk food), instant noodles, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, containing lots of sugar, etc. Expand fruits and vegetables that meet the nutrients and vitamins that your body expects but low in fat content.

Regular diet
Always get enough breakfast, because with a perfect breakfast your body will get a supply of energy from the breakfast you consume so that your body will feel energized and not weak. The most effective way to maintain body weight can also be done by maintaining intervals of eating hours. Better you eat in small portions but divided several times a day than you eat 2 times a day but with large portions. Avoid eating food when you are going to bed, the best time is between 6-7 pm or 3-4 hours before bed. By keeping an example of your eating will help a lot in maintaining an ideal body weight and a slim body.

Get enough rest
The body gets enough rest it will increase the body’s metabolic system and increase immunity so that your body does not get sick easily. Lack of rest will cause your body to become easily tired and weak, while excessive rest often causes problems with slow metabolism. This will affect the process of absorption of nutrients and the accumulation of fat levels in the body. and the impact of your body weight will increase.

Drink more water
Water is useful to help carry fat deposits, harmful materials, toxins and chemicals from your body and get rid of them through sweat and urine. So make sure to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water or 1.5 L of water per day to help keep your body weight ideal and slim. By drinking enough water, the body’s metabolism will be smoother. Smooth metabolism results in better absorption of nutrients thereby reducing fat accumulation.