5 Tips to Prevent Green Screen on Samsung Phones

Green screen problems are often encountered on Samsung phones. On average, this happens due to monthly software updates that have the potential for considerable changes to the phone. An example is the One UI version update.

That’s what makes Samsung users a little wary when they want to update their cellphones. For that, this article will explain some tips to avoid the green screen problem when you want to update the phone.

It should also be noted that the cause of this green screen problem is still a mystery, and if it has already been hit by the problem, it will definitely be difficult to fix unless you take it to the nearest SSC. Therefore, you should avoid this problem with the following tips.

Tips for Preventing Green Screen Problems on Samsung

1. Use Wallpaper with Maximum HD Size

Some expert members in the Samsung community suggest using wallpapers with sizes maximum HD before updating the phone. So it is not recommended to use wallpaper with a size that is too large, for example 4K or maybe 8K because of the potential for this problem to occur.

2. Charge Phone 100% Before Updating

The software update process sometimes takes a long time, so if the battery runs out in the middle of the road, it will definitely cause a system error. This update process also sometimes drains the battery, that’s because the entire CPU will be used as much as possible until the process is complete.

By setting up a 100% battery, you don’t have to worry about system errors. It is possible that later when the process is complete, your remaining battery will be 80%, depending on the type of update. Usually if the update type patches only lasts a moment.

3. Set Up Stable Connection To Download Updates

Update packages are usually very large in size, sometimes reaching 1GB or even more than that. And to prevent corrupt against file downloads, it’s best to set up a stable internet connection.

Due to corrupted files or corrupt will only make the update process problematic. It’s like an archive file that failed to extract all the files in it, of course the system will be confused because there are files that are still lacking.

4. Waiting for Review Before Starting Updating

Should not immediately rush to update the software on the phone. Please wait for reviews from other users in forums or groups that discuss Samsung phones according to their type. If many of them have no problem with the update, then you can proceed to update it as well.

Why so? Because this incident has been experienced by a lot of Samsung users S20 some time ago, where all users who did software updates experienced a green screen problem, but fortunately it has been successfully resolved by Samsung after the update patches next.

5. Don’t Use Maximum Brightness Often

The biggest impact of setting maximum brightness continuously is burn-in or shadow on the screen. Another obstacle is yellow-tinta bit like a green screen, only this one is yellow.

Sometimes the adaptive/automatic brightness feature has been enabled by default, which makes the brightness suddenly max out when used outdoors. You can disable this feature so that you can adjust the brightness of your phone manually.

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The occurrence of the green screen (hulk screen) on Samsung is mostly caused during the software update process, and worse it affects the hardware (LCD). But the problem can still be fixed if your phone has already been affected.

However, prevention is better than overcoming it. You can apply some of the tips above to minimize the occurrence of green screen problems on Samsung phones. If you have any questions or additions regarding the tips above, you are very welcome to share them in the comments column.

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