5 Ways to break up with a boyfriend through WA without hurting his heart

Portalsitaro.com – Being able to decide on a girlfriend via WA without hurting her is a rather difficult thing to do. The reason is, people who are cut off usually get pain when they receive this expression.

Someone who wants to end a relationship through the WhatsApp application usually lacks the confidence to convey it directly. So, he uses media such as WA to express his desire.

Indeed, it’s a bit impolite if you have to break up with your girlfriend through the words written on the chat application only. Because there are some things that really need to be discussed with each other.

For that, below we will provide advice related to how to break up with a girlfriend via WhatsApp. Of course, to minimize the feeling of disappointment or hurt to the abandoned partner.

How to break up with a boyfriend through WA without hurting his heart

It’s a bit difficult if you have to end a relationship via WhatsApp, by thinking about how he can accept and be generous with the decisions made by his partner.

1. Kind words

The thing you need to think about before deciding on a girlfriend through wa is to arrange good words. Even though you want to separate, you still have to maintain good manners in speech.

Avoid debates that make you two fight via chat wa. And focus on the main mission that you have thought about carefully, namely ‘SPARKING’.

2. Saying thank you

As people who want to hurt someone’s day, we should say thank you for what we’ve been through together.

Because, even though you want to separate, there must be some exciting moments when you are in a relationship.

Start with the topic of special moments that you still remember, and thank them for all of them.

However, you must stay focused on the mission of ending the relationship through WA. Don’t let it be because of this, the lover who wants to break up uses it to reconcile.

3. Avoid Using Emoji/Stickers

When you want to convey ending a relationship by using WA, especially using words as a medium. Avoid using emojis/stickers in your sentences.

Why should it be avoided? because not only does it give the impression of not being serious, but it can also seem rude to the boyfriend you want to leave.

4. To The Point

Next, the advice to break up with your girlfriend via whatsapp without hurting her is to do it privately to the point or directly. Moreover, you can use voicemail to express this.

Besides being more polite, the way to end a relationship with this method is also impressive gentle. Than the chats that are usually long when written.

Make a short, concise, and clear voice recording so that your boyfriend respects your decision.

5. Don’t give a chance to get back

When you want to end a relationship, especially using the WhatsApp application media, of course there are arguments between the couple.

Please give it a chance if you still want to be friends, but not if you want to continue.

So that the process of breaking up via wa is successful, you can remove the whatsapp status of your ex-lover. Because he can make a status or story that makes you want to get back with him.

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That’s a row of ways to break up with a girlfriend through wa without hurting other people’s hearts. Hopefully the little suggestions above make it easier for you to say you want to break up with your boyfriend.

There are many reasons that make people want to break up, be it because of infidelity, not being compatible with the lover’s personality, or even because the relationship between the two lovebirds is not approved by their parents.

It is indeed difficult to end a relationship, especially since they have trusted each other for years and filled the limitations of their lover. So, please think again if you want to end a relationship. Moreover, convey it via chat wa only. That’s all and hopefully it will be made easy. Amen