5 Ways to Change the Clan Name COC 2022

Portalsitaro.com – Clash of Clans (COC) players who want to change their clan name may be a bit confused about how to do it. Therefore, here we will provide various tips on how to change the COC clan name properly and correctly.

After experiencing maintenance For a long time, this game made by Supercell is finally back with a new service for its loyal users, namely the COC clan name change feature to be cooler or better.

In fact, previously Supercell had not presented this service for several years. Well, below we will provide information regarding how to change the COC clan name. But before that, you need to know the terms & conditions. Here is the complete information. Also Read: The Latest Collection of COC Aesthetic Account Names

Terms & Conditions Changing COC Clan Name

Before discussing the process of changing the COC 2022 clan name, players need to know the terms and conditions to be able to change the clan name that you have used before.

Because, this change of clan name requires prior approval or review from Supercell so that it can then be used for your newest coc clan name. Among others are:

  • The name of the Clan Clash of Clans used does not contain elements of sara’ (ethnicity, religion, race, and certain class)
  • Clan names contain elements of impoliteness, such as the use of dirty or inappropriate words.
  • Clan names have links to terrorist organizations or members.
  • Chiefs or players who wish to change the clan name must first reach Townhall Level 5.

Some of the terms and conditions above, you need to read before choosing a name or starting the process of changing the clan name to be cooler or better. After the review process ends, Supercell will provide an answer to immediately change the clan name.

The Chief can also apply for a COC clan name change if your clan name already uses names that meet the above elements. So, please change your clan name according to the conditions above.

How to Change Clan Name in COC

As we have written above, to change the clan name in the COC game, the chiefs cannot do it arbitrarily. Because you need to get the game owner’s approval first.

If you have obtained permission from Supercell, then please change the name as soon as possible. Here are the steps that need to be done to change the Clan name in COC 2022:

  1. Enter the COC game application (Android or iPhone)
  2. Please enter the settings menu, then select ‘help and support’.
  3. Then later, send a message to request a name change.
  4. After getting permission from Supercell, then immediately change your clan name. Done
  5. If the clan name change is successful, your clan name will automatically change immediately. The Supercell team will check some time after the change occurs.

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That is the information we can convey regarding how to change the name of COC 2022. If there are things that need to be asked, please ask through the comments column and in polite language. Thank you and hopefully useful.