5 Ways to Delete Flip 2022 Account

Portalsitaro.com – Flip users may be tired of using this application or have other reasons why they want to delete accounts that provide free admin fees for several banks that work with Flip.

Deleting a Flip account isn’t really that hard to do. Users can use several methods provided by Flip to be able to close this interbank transfer service account.

The method that needs to be done to delete the Flip application account is to apply for the deletion first to the flip support email, then then follow the procedure that we will share below. Also Read: How to Top Up Flip Balance via BCA

How to Delete Flip Account

Here’s a quick way to delete a flip account via email. Please follow the steps that we have listed below so that the account deactivation process runs properly.

  1. Please login the Email account associated with the Flip account (android, iPhone or on a computer, FREE!)
  2. Create a new message to Customer Friend Flip at ‘[email protected]’.
  3. In the Subject section, please write ‘I Want to Delete a Flip Account’.
  4. In the deletion message, please enter the reason why you want to delete the Flip account.
  5. Don’t forget to include the email and phone number associated with the Flip.
  6. Finally, please ‘Submit’.

Wait for a reply from the relevant party via the Flip account deletion email that you sent. Whether or not the account deletion request will be answered in the reply email. So, please wait for the reply message.

To avoid any errors, make sure that you send a message to the flip support email at [email protected] In addition, use a strong reason if the related party will believe it along with the user’s flip account email and phone number.

Questions Regarding Flip Account Deletion

Here are some of the questions we collected related to delete account flip 2022’s:

  • Does closing the Flip application make data such as a verified ID card lost? Yes
  • Is it only support email that can be used to apply for Flip account deletion? No, but it’s easier via email.
  • Will the Flip account be permanently deleted? Yes
  • Did the above method work? Yes

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Julybe that’s all we can provide regarding the procedure for deleting a flip application account easily and quickly via e-mail support which we have outlined above. We hope that some of the articles that we present are useful for you. Thank you and hopefully useful.