5 Ways to Delete Our Followers on Shopee

Portalsitaro.com – The presence of the store’s follow unfollow feature in the Shopee application helps sellers to market their goods and gives trust to managed stores.

In addition, the presence of followers on Shopee also widens the opportunity for sellers to get orders from people who follow the user’s Shopee store. So, the products that are sold can be seen more.

The positive side of followers on other Shopee Stores is that followers will get notifications if you subscribe to them.publish new product. so, it’s easier to reach your Shopee store.

However, not everyone who follows Shopee stores likes the products offered. There are also types of people who follow because they want to get discount vouchers that are often found in a store. So it can be cheaper when buying at the store.

Well, below we will provide a guide on how to delete our followers on shopee. So you can get rid of some followers who bring bad ratings to your store. Here are the details on how.

How to Delete Followers on Shopee

To delete our followers on the Shopee app store, it’s actually not a difficult thing to do. Because, the presence of the ‘follow’ feature on Shopee goes hand in hand with the word ‘unfollow’ as well.

For some users who do use the Shopee application for certain purposes, they may not know the method of removing followers in the Shopee application. So, we will share the guide.

  1. First, please open a Shopee application account on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Next, click on the ‘Me’ menu to view the features of followers or following on Shopee.
  3. Usually this option is near your Shopee account profile photo.
  4. Click the Followers section and choose which ones you want to remove.
  5. Please select the followers you want to remove. Done

Thus you have succeeded in reducing the number of followers who follow your Shopee store. Perform the steps above to select which users can see the products you upload.

This is the information we can convey. Hopefully this tutorial on how to delete followers on Shopee is useful for you. especially the store managers in this Shopee application.

Even though there are many positive sides, the presence of followers can also have a negative effect on our store, for example, giving negative comments that are not in accordance with the facts and also only hunting when there is a discount. Thank you and hopefully useful.