5 Ways to Determine the Right Life Insurance

Not everyone knows the benefits that we can get with insurance. Insurance is a protector of our valuable assets such as work safety, life, education, retirement and others. If the analogy of insurance is like a work helmet that you use to work, like a life jacket when you get on a ship, a parachute when you get on a plane or a seat belt when you drive. All of these equipment will function when an incident that we do not want occurs, but has a protective function when an incident does not actually occur.

The purpose of life insurance is to provide financial or financial loans to people who are our dependents. But many of us still don’t understand about life insurance, is it a necessity and how? how to determine the right life insurance. Here’s how to determine the right life insurance:

Choosing the Right Life Insurance

Check Insurance Company Health Level
Make sure you know in full about the insurance company you want to follow, starting from the company profile, company health, when the insurance company wakes up and is legitimate, of course. And most importantly, a health insurance company, a healthy company will truly become a trusted company. To see the level of health of the insurance company can be measured from the Risk Based Capital (RBC), which simply means the comparison of the company’s total assets compared to the risk of claims. The greater the RBC value of the insurance company, the healthier the company is. Health life insurance companies will be very strong against large risk claims.

Apply for membership while you are still healthy
Yes, by registering when your condition is still healthy, automatically the insurance premium paid will be minimal compared to if you bought it when you were sick. And most importantly, some insurance companies will refuse your life insurance registration application, if your health condition does not meet the requirements.

Adjust insurance to your needs
You don’t need all insurance products. Everyone has different financial conditions so the need for insurance products is not necessarily the same. So make sure to choose insurance that is really needed. Make sure the selected insurance product suits your needs.

Check details about insurance
Yes, check all the information about life insurance that you need either through the official website about insurance or you can share it with your relatives, friends or friends who first used life insurance services. And even better, personally dig up the issue to the related insurance service company. You can also ask about services or products from friends or relatives to get information about insurance products or claim accommodations. And it would be even better if you have enough comparisons between one life insurance company and another, this makes it easier for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance company that you compare.

The relationship between insurance and investment
There are people who want to separate insurance and investment, but there are also people who want to have insurance products that are also an investment. For the latter type, it is suitable for buying unit link insurance products. For the first type, you can buy term life products (futures)