5 Ways to Overcome Google Chrome Often Crashes on PC

Google Chrome is known to be a heavy browser, but in my opinion it is the same browser as any other. It’s just that several factors can indeed make a browser heavy, and occasionally cause crashes suddenly.

Jams or freezes are things that users may often experience. Where everything in Google Chrome can’t be moved except forcibly removing it from the dialog not responding emerging.

The jam problem can still be solved, but not directly in one way. That’s because the problem occurs from several factors. So by following some of the tips shared in this article, those crashing issues will definitely go away and no longer appear.

1. Disable Unused Extensions

Sometimes we don’t realize that we have installed so many extensions on Google Chrome. However, some of these extensions are not used, so it will only increase the space on the task.

Each extension is a different size, and the largest is probably the kind of AD block. More or less each extension takes up tens of MB of processes running in the background.

For that, if there are extensions that are active and not being used, it’s better to just disable them.

2. Scan for Malicious Extensions

These tips aim to protect your computer against extensions that mine coins and make maximum use of your device’s CPU. This can be seen when you check the task manager, usually the total CPU usage in the process or task of the Google Chrome browser is more than 80% or reaches 100%.

To solve this, please scan Google Chrome with the help of the detection program malware. For example, the most powerful is MalwareBytes or ADWCleaner which can be downloaded for free on their respective official sites.

3. Don’t Open Multiple Tabs Simultaneously

This is also sometimes not realized every time you surf the internet and suddenly so many tabs open. The more tabs that are active, of course, it will continue to add weight to the Chrome process in the background.

Julybe this is not a problem if the RAM you have is large enough, but this will be very influential if the RAM on your computer/laptop is only 4GB or below.

But there is another way to make tabs that are not used for a long time to close automatically, which is to use the help of an extension called Suspender Tabs. Julybe you are interested to try it? Please install via Chrome Webstore.

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4. Upgrade RAM and Install SSD in Device

Although RAM is not the only benchmark to make everything smooth, but for all browsers including Google Chrome it is necessary at least 8GB RAM to be able to freely browse and open several active tabs.

Although RAM seems to be sufficient, but to make it even smoother, it is highly recommended to install an SSD on the device. As long as the SSD is used for the system, opening and operating various programs will feel faster than before.

5. Delete Junk Files on Google Chrome Regularly

Junk files on Google Chrome include cache, clipboard, and other browsing history data. By deleting it regularly, it will ensure that the browser will not be slow or stuck when opened or even while browsing.

To remove it is very easy, please go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data. In the time range, change it to All Time and after that click the button Clear Data

By doing the above method, all sites that have been visited will exit or logout, so you only need to re-enter. If you don’t want to exit, please uncheck the Cookies option when you want to delete your browsing history.

Those are just a few tips that you can apply to make Google Chrome not stuck anymore. And make sure you don’t disable automatic updates for the browser at this time, because each update will certainly bring improvements if the browser previously had errors.

If you have another way to make Google Chrome not crash other than the above, you are very welcome to share it in the comments column below.

Hopefully useful and good luck