5 Ways to Overcome Slow Downloads on a Laptop

Basically the speed of downloading a file on the internet depends on the network side and also the server / host of the file. Sometimes we don’t realize whether the download speed is being limited by the file hosting, for sure we just think that the download continues.

If you have difference which is significant when testing download speed through sites like Speedtest by downloading files on the internet, there is a possibility that the download connection is limited by file hosting.

It’s different again if you test at Speedtest but the download speed is not optimal, then it seems that there is another program on the device that is currently running using some internet connection to download something. This is what causes the download process to be slow.

Slow Download Solution on Laptop

This article will explain some things to overcome the slow download process, but know that all of these methods certainly still depend on the quality of the internet connection you are using. Because if the slow download is caused by your ISP or internet provider, what you should do is contact the ISP’s support service.

And here are some ways to overcome the slow download process, especially for laptop or PC devices:

1. Restart Laptop

The most important way is to restart the laptop. This is so that other programs that are using an internet connection at the same time can be stopped, so that later the network will only focus on the download process.

2. Stop Windows Update Temporarily

Ongoing Windows Updates can also cause slow internet connections. Even though it sometimes lasts a moment, but if the internet connection you have is only around 10Mbps, it will definitely take a long time to wait for it to finish.

Therefore, please stop the update process temporarily. If on Windows 10, you can press the “Pause updates for 7 days” and then resume the download process, surely now the speed is back to normal.

3. Use Internet Download Manager Program

IDM or the abbreviation of Internet Download Manager is a program to accelerate the download process. Its performance is to stimulate the connection to make it faster. If the browser usually only uses one connection only.

In IDM, you can set it to 8 or 16 concurrently running connections. Allows you to get the maximum speed for the download process. And IDM also has access to a free trial for 1 month.

4. Network Diagnostics Via Task Manager

On condition idle or with the intention of not using the computer to do anything, try to open the Task Manager and then go to the Wi-Fi or Ethernet section, depending on the type of connection you are using.

There you can see the current download/upload rate on the device. And if it runs at a high enough speed, it means that there is a program that is using the internet connection.

To detect the program, please go to the tab Processand then click on options Networklater the program that uses the highest current internet connection will be displayed at the top and you can stop the process.

5. Turn off the VPN/Proxy when you’re using it

VPN or Proxy services are useful for protecting yourself on the internet, especially for privacy when browsing. But sometimes if the VPN server has problems, it can also be take effect to the internet speed that became unstable as usual.

For that, if you are currently using a VPN service, Proxy, Tunnel, or the like, please turn it off first and then try to download the file again, then see the difference.

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If it is not caused by the internet connection provider (ISP), then the problem you are experiencing is the result of other programs that are using the internet simultaneously. This is like downloading a file while streaming a video, where the download speed will not be as optimal as it should be.

Do the 5 simple tips above, surely this problem will be resolved, and you can enjoy a normal and fast internet connection again as usual.

Hopefully useful and good luck