5 Ways to Register for Tri Package 20GB 5RB 7-Day Active Period

Portalsitaro.com – Tri has again brought up an interesting promo for its loyal customers. However, this is not the latest promo from the Tri Indonesia provider, but an old internet package that has reappeared, namely Tri 20gb 5k.

We think that this tri 20gb 5k promo is suitable for people who like to stream movies, download anime, or watch football matches directly through their Android phones.

The reason is, we will get a quota of 20GB at a fairly cheap price, which is only 5,000. For more complete information regarding the tri 20GB 5k package, please see the explanation below.

Internet Package Tri 20GB 5RB

Tri package 20gb 5k is a cheap package promo presented by the Tri Indonesia provider. Where only certain customers can get it.

Tri’s 20GB 5K quota doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be used in full 24 hours for 7 full days, because Tri has divided it into 2 parts, namely 6GB for 24 hours and 14GB from 01.00 – 09.00 WIB.

Then how to get this tri 20gb 5k package, min? Do you use dial, Bima+ application link, or can you use the SMS sending method? To answer this question, we have provided the details below.

How to Register Tri Package 20gb 5k

Here are the steps in registering a cheap tri 20GB 5k package that is specifically for certain customers:

  1. First, open the cellphone with card 3 in it.
  2. Enter the Phone Application, then type *111*1#
  3. A variety of package options will appear, please select ’20GB 5k’.
  4. If you are lucky, you will have other internet promos such as 25Gb 25k 30 days or 25k/29k. Please see and observe the list of available packages.
  5. At this stage, the user just needs to follow the instructions presented by the tri related to the list of the 20gb 5k 2022 tri package. Please follow the instructions to completion.

Thus the cheap tri package promo 20gb 5k was successfully obtained. Keep in mind! This package is a ‘promo’ from the provider Tri Indonesia. So not all customers are lucky to get it.

So, how to register for the Tri 20GB 5K package via SMS or the Bima application, is it possible, min?

When we searched for it, we didn’t find any other alternative to activate this tri 20gb 5k package. Whether it’s via an SMS code or the Bima application link. Only the code for the tri package 20gb 5k above is what we got. Julybe next time we meet we will list it.

How to Check Tri Quota 20GB 5K for 7 Days

To check the remaining internet quota that you have after buying this 20GB 5 thousand promo. You can use the Bima+ application media or send a message.

But on this occasion we will only provide via SMS only. Because, if you use Bima+, users only need to log in using the number registered for the Tri 20GB 5K 2022 package only. Here’s how to see the remaining quota for the cheap 20gb 5 thousand card 3 internet package.

  • Go to ‘Messaging App’.
  • In the text field, please write the message ‘QUOTA INFO’ send to ‘234’.
  • Information related to bonus points will appear, the remaining package quota, the active period of the quota you are using.
  • Done

Tri Package 20gb 5k Lost

Sometimes, after the user checks this package via the dial that we have listed, it turns out that there is no 20GB 5K tri package for this week. and customers feel disappointed because they don’t get it.

Keep in mind, this 20gb 5k 3 card internet package is a promo given by Ti Indonesia for certain numbers. Julybe your number is not one of those lucky numbers.

However, you don’t have to be too disappointed with one of these 3 card cheap internet packages. because there are other hidden internet packages that we think are cheap enough for you to get. For example, the 30GB package costs 60 thousand.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the Tri 20GB 5k package promo for 7 days in 2022. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Especially for 3 customers who are looking for this promo quota.