5 Ways to Register for Tri Package 5GB 4RB for 5 Days

Portalsitaro.com – The tri card again provides cheap package promos for its loyal customers. This time, Tri Indonesia provides cheap internet packages at a price of only 4,000 for 5 days of use. The package is TRI 5gb 5 days 4 thousand.

For those of you who are curious about the 5gb 5 day 4 thousand tri card package, and want to know more about one of the cheap packages offered by provider 3 for lucky customers. Here is the complete info.

Tri Package 5GB 5Days 4K 2022

Tri 5gb 4ribu 5 days is a package promo provided by tri for customers who are lucky to get it. This promo provides access to quotas at low prices that can be used 24 hours full without time sharing.

Only by issuing 4,000 credits, lucky users who buy this package can enjoy a 5GB quota that you can use for various activities. Well searching, streaming, downloading, and others.

For those of you who are curious to know how to register this tri 5gb 5 day 4 thousand package. Whether it’s using the dial, the Bima application, or the SMS code that is often offered by the tri to its users. Please read more info below.

How to Register Tri 5GB 4K

The following is the purchase method for registering for the tri 5gb 4k cheap package which is specifically for certain customers:

  1. First, open your cellphone. Then please go to ‘Phone Application’.
  2. Then, please access *111*1#
  3. There will be various choices of cheap Tri packages, including 5GB 5 days 4 thousand, 20GB 7 days 5 thousand, 4GB 30 days 7 thousand, 10 GB 30 days 16 thousand, 25 GB 30 days 25 thousand, 25 GB 30 days 65 thousand, 33 GB 30 days 100 thousand.
  4. Next, please select the ‘5GB 5Day’ option.
  5. At this stage, users just need to follow the instructions presented by the tri related to the activation of the 5GB 5-day 2022 package. Please follow the instructions to completion.

Thus the promo for the cheap 5gb 4k tri package with an active period of 5 days was successfully obtained.

Notes: Keep in mind! This package is a ‘promo’ from the provider Tri Indonesia. So not all customers are lucky to get it.

So, how to register for the 5gb 5 day 4 thousand tri package via SMS or the Bima application, is it possible, min?

When we searched for it, we didn’t find any other alternative to activate this 5gb 4k package for 5 days. Whether it’s via an SMS code or the Bima application link. Only the code for the tri 5gb 4k package above is what we get.

How to Check Tri 5GB 4RB Quota for 5 Days

To see the remaining internet quota that you get after buying this 5GB 4ribu Tri promo, you can use the Bima+ application media or send a message.

However, here this time we will only provide a check for the amount of quota via SMS only. Because if you use Bima+, users only need to login using the registered number. Here’s how to see the remaining quota for a cheap 5gb internet package for 4 thousand cards 3.

  • Go to ‘Messaging App’.
  • In the text field, please write the message ‘QUOTA INFO’ send to ‘234’.
  • Information related to bonus points will appear, the remaining package quota, the active period of the quota you are using.
  • Done

5GB 4K Package Lost

Sometimes after the user checks this package via the dial that we have listed above, it turns out that the tri 5gb 4k package for 5 days doesn’t exist. And customers feel disappointed because they don’t get it.

Keep in mind that one of the cheap 2022 tri packages is a promo given by Tri Indonesia to certain numbers. Julybe your number is not one of those lucky numbers.

However, you don’t have to be too disappointed about this. Because there are still various other hidden internet packages that we think are quite cheap you can also get. For example, the tri 25GB internet package is 25 thousand for 30 days.

Tips for Creating Tri Package 4K 5GB

If you are unlucky to get this Tri 4k 5gb quota service, and want to get it. Julybe the tricks we listed below can be used by you. Enough tricks worth it bring up the cheap card 3 package.

  • First, make sure you have 3 cards (old or new)
  • Second, make sure your 3rd card is properly registered
  • Third, please leave card 3 for 7-30 days without any activity, be it calls, sms, internet, and others. (if necessary, please pay)
  • Fourth, when the first week has passed, check cheap packages by dialing *111*1#. If you are lucky, there will be a Tri 4 thousand 5GB package that will appear along with 3 other cheap internet packages.
  • Fifth, if the check in the first week has not appeared, do a check in the next 1 week. Do it gradually with a time lag of 1 week. Done

That’s the trick that we recommend to be able to get the Tri 5gb 4 thousand package promo for 5 days. We don’t guarantee that the package will appear, but we can say that another cheap package will appear if it’s been a full month you haven’t bought the package and done any activities on the Tri card.

This trick is only intended for loyal card 3 customers, because if you use another card, it may collide with the relatively short active period of the card. Because the tri card itself has an active period which we can say is longer than other providers.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the tri 5gb 4k internet package for 5 days. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for people who are looking for this cheap 2022 tri package code.