5 Ways to Restore Reels to Instagram Profile Grid

Portalsitaro.com – Sometimes Instagram application users accidentally delete uploaded video reels. And he wanted to return the deleted ig reels.

To restore deleted Instagram reels, this is actually not a difficult thing. HP Android and iPhone users can do it easily without the help of additional applications.

Well, below we will provide a brief explanation regarding how to restore deleted reels in the Instagram application. In addition, we will also convey the procedure so that the reels can return to the profile grid. For more details, please check below.

How to Restore Deleted Reels on Instagram

Here are the steps in making video reels that have been deleted back again in the user’s Instagram account. Please follow the method below for the return process.

  • Open your Android or iPhone, then open an Instagram account.
  • On the IG homepage, go to your profile and click on the three-line icon at the top of the screen.
  • Next, look for the Settings menu.
  • If so, click on account settings.
  • In this menu, please look for the ‘Recently Delete’ option to view previously deleted reels uploads.
  • Next, click the Reels menu and then look for the video that has been deleted.
  • If you have found it, click on the three-dot icon and select the ‘Restore’ option.

By doing this, the previously deleted video reels will return to normal. Reels will appear again on IG profiles as we usually find.

However, this method usually blinds the reels from being listed on the side of the user’s Instagram account profile grid. So, to return the reels to the profile side there is a special trick to do it. How do I do it? please follow the guide below.

How to Return Reels To Profile Grid

Here is how to restore reels to Instagram app profile grid, users. Pay attention to the steps below so you don’t make mistakes in the recovery practice.

To return Reels to the Profile grid, the trick we will be using is to use an old version of the app. for example using the Instagram apk version 1.5.4. Therefore, make sure you have this version of Instagram, and delete the others. So that there are no errors when logging in.

  1. Download dna Install instagram apk version 1.5.4
  2. Login to Instagram by entering the user account email, username, number and password.
  3. Open the Reels video that has been removed from your profile grid.
  4. Click the three dots icon and select the option ‘add to profile grid’
  5. By doing this, the process of returning the reels to the IG profile side is successful. Happy!

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to return the reels to this Instagram profile grid. Hopefully a little knowledge that we share is useful for users of this social media application.

Some users of the IG application may not know that Reels videos that have been deleted can be recovered. It’s just that this is constrained by the recovery feature that was removed a long time ago.

Therefore, perhaps the presence of this article blinds users to know that the process of returning the reels to the profile grid can be carried out. it just takes a special trick to do it. Thank you and hopefully useful.