5 Ways to Shine Agate Pebbles in an Instant

Agate is indeed a trend and the boom is over due to this, starting from the lower class, middle to upper class, many are idolizing this one pebble. Yes, because in addition to the striking color, attractive and has a smooth texture, it is not wrong if this type of stone is widely used as accessories that are worth selling. Well this time I will share about how to polish agate in an instant. Why does it have to be in an instant, maybe if you don’t have much time or because of busyness, or you also want to wear this agate but it’s a good time to take care of it so it’s more shiny, etc.

With a more shiny agate that you wear, of course it will be more interesting, especially if you are doing business from buying and selling this agate. Of course you can present your agate merchandise to be more shiny in an instant and of course attract buyers to buy the agate you sell. So here are some ways to polish your agate in an instant.

Shine Agate in an Instant

Using Skin
Yes, you can polish your agate in an instant using leather. But if you have trouble finding leather you can use your leather belt or your unused wallet of course or you can also use the material you are still using if you don’t mind hehehehehe… Use animal skins which are usually used for wallet materials, belts, or other objects made of leather and based on experience for some agate collectors is using cowhide is the best type to polish the agate. This is because the leather material still contains oil in it. Even though it has been processed, the oil is still contained in the leather material, although in very small amounts. Rub the pebbles in the same direction and then the sparkle of the agate will shine.

Bamboo Media
Rubbing ring pebbles using bamboo to make it more shiny was already used by ancient people. The use of bamboo should use bamboo that is still young and then dried. If it’s dry, rub it on the inner bamboo skin so it’s not a hard outer part so it doesn’t erode the agate. Rub into the surface of the bamboo skin in the same direction. This will greatly help to increase the glossiness of the agate.

Dried Banana Leaves
This method is classified as an ancient method, but until now this method is still considered effective for polishing agate even agate collectors recommend using dried banana leaves to polish your agate in an instant. There is a significant reason why dried banana leaves can be used to polish agate, that is, it turns out that the dried banana leaves still contain compounds that make the agate look more shiny. How to scrub it is also very simple. You just need to take a dry banana leaf and then rub it on the agate in the same direction.

Coconut water
This is the easiest way in my opinion and the most effective in my opinion, namely by dipping your agate in coconut water overnight. The reason is that agate is a mineral that crystallizes and is formed naturally by natural conditions, so coconut water contains ions and minerals that help coat the mineral layer on the agate. The next day remove the gravel then dry with a soft cloth.

Sandpaper/Paper Sand
Well, in my opinion, this is a method that I don’t think is right, but I still publish it because many users of this agate use sandpaper to make the agate more shiny. Choose the sandpaper that is most suitable and has a soft texture. Usually it has a size of 1200 or 1500. If you are still in doubt, then ask for the smoothest type of sandpaper. Rub in the direction and slowly to make your agate smoother and shiny. This method is perfect for those of you who are just starting to refine your agate. If you are still afraid to smooth it yourself, now there are many services that show the process of refining agate to make it even more shiny.