5 Ways to Shorten Google Form Docs URL

Portalsitaro.com – The activity of shortening the google form url can be done in various ways. You can use the paid link shortening method or the free version.

Sometimes seeing a long google form link or url makes it less comfortable to look at. In fact, if it’s too long it makes the Google Form link seem less attractive to click on and continue.

As we already know, the Google Form function can be used for many things. Whether it’s looking for questions, data, and so on. So that one of Google’s services is quite useful for its users.

However, the url or Google Form link, which should be a bridge to access all of these things, doesn’t seem interesting when you see a link that is too long.

Therefore, here we will provide a guide to shorten links on Google Forms for free without paying. Here is the full explanation.

How to Create a Google Form URL Link

Before going to the stage of changing the Google Form link to make it shorter, here we will provide the steps for creating links from this Google service.

The manufacturing process is quite easy, because we only need to visit the related site to be able to create or find data from this Google Form. For more details, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Please open your Android or iPhone.
  • Select the browser you want to use, log in and please type ‘Google Form’ in the search field.
  • Next, please login using a Google Form account.
  • Then select the form that has been created, then click ‘Send’ to send it to the relevant email.
  • If you want to get a link to the Google Form docs link, please click ‘Three dots’.
  • Then, click on ‘get a filled link’.
  • Please click the docs.google.com link section to the end and then copy it.
  • Now you have created and got the link from this Google Form.

After successfully getting the Google Form link, then we can customize it to be shorter to make it look simple and neat. For the tutorial, please check the explanation below.

How to Shorten Google Form Url

There are several ways to shorten Google Form links or urls for free without paying. One of them is to use a free link shortening service from the sites of these service providers.

There are several sites that provide free link shortening services in an easy way. Some sites even offer payment terms and conditions.

To make it easier for you to practice shortening Google Form docs links. Here is the complete guide.

How to Shorten Google Form Url With BitLy

Bit.ly is a URL Shortener service or link management platform that can be used to shorten long links into shorter ones. How to summarize google form URL with bit.ly is also easy:

  1. First, please visit the Bit.ly site.
  2. In the URL shortening field, please enter the Google Form link that you want to shorten.
  3. A link will appear from the shortened link on Bit.ly. click Copy to get the link.
  4. At this stage, all you have to do is share the Google Form link that has been modified to be shorter.
  5. Done

Notes: If you want to customize the Google Form URL with the desired name, please create an account at bitly first.

So that’s it, how to shorten Google Form links using the help of the Bit.ly site. please follow the steps above to be able to summarize the previously long url to make it look shorter.

You can also change the link as you wish on Bitly for free, only with a list of user accounts can customize the link according to the name you want.

Google Form URL Shortener other than Bit.ly

In addition to the Bit.ly site, there are also various websites that provide free link shortening services. In fact, not only Google Form links, other links such as from Google Drive, Google Play can also be shortened as well.

Shortener link sites like, Lynk.id, Linktr.ee, S.id, Rebrandly, Tinyurl, Tiny.cc you can try as a link shortening medium. Of course, with the advantages and disadvantages presented by each site.

That’s the information that we can convey regarding how to shorten the 2022 google form link. If you are still confused with the explanations we have listed above, you can use the comments below to ask questions.

Basically to summarize Google Form URLs is actually quite easy to do. Only by visiting sites that provide link shortening services can you make links simpler and neater. That’s all and please try.