6 Simple Ways to Increase the Number of Blog Visitors

Hi bloggers…The success of a blog is measured by the number of rich traffic. It’s wrong if you judge the success of a blog is only measured by how much the blog makes money, but a blog that is rich with visitors can certainly make a lot of money from a blog. Visitors are an important asset of a blog or website, what does that mean a good blog, good appearance, genius content but not many visitors. Moreover, you have a blog/website that aims to be a monetize blog (money-producing blog) of course you must have a fantastic amount of traffic, the greater the number of visitors to the blog the more successful (the more productive) your blog/website will be.

However, to get the number of visits to your blog/website is not an easy case to do because you have to compete with many blogs/websites that have the same niche as your blog. the main key how to bring visitors is that you have to say what users are looking for, that means your blog must be useful for users. Well, if the article or content of your blog page is useful, of course this will increase the number of visits to your blog/website because readers and users find what they are looking for on your blog.

So this time I will share a little about how to increase the number of visitors to your blog or website in a simple way, why is it simple? Yes you want the easiest way with effective results right? Besides that, I am also not a master who can promise or show a large number of visitors to your blog / website hehehehe … So I will only share according to what I experienced myself, and this has been proven to increase the number of visitors to my blog. well here are some how to increase the number of visits or visitors to your blog/website:

Simple Ways to Increase the Number of Blog Visitors

Check your blog speed
The speed of the blog affects the number of visits to your blog, so instead of increasing the number of visitors, on the contrary, visitors will decrease from day to day, that’s because they are reluctant to return to your blog (even though your blog content is good) just because of the problem of loading your blog/website too much. long. Julybe you think your blog/website has fast loading, then check your internet bandwidth again, if your internet bandwidth is large it is not necessarily the same as that of the reader, an easy way to check is to check your blog speed on several blog speed checker websites that are widely available. on the Internet. If it’s elegant and fast enough, it means you can check other factors why your number of visitors is not much, but if there is a problem with the speed of loading the blog, look for what causes it, here’s how to find the cause of heavy blog loading:

  • If you use a free blog and free hosting like Blogger, it means that the cause of slow loading is not a problem with the hosting because as we know, Blogger hosting is the fastest and best among other hosting hosting. So check your blog template whether it uses a lot of javascript, uses a lot of large images, a lot of broken links or others.
  • If you are using a blog/web that you are hosting yourself, check where you host your blog/website and if it is a problem move to a better hosting.

Keep in mind, the speed of your blog is strong on your blog’s ranking in Google search results. Why? Because Google includes blog/website speed as one of the ranking factors in its algorithm.

Creating Unique & Quality Articles
We all know that the more blogs/websites that appear, it means you have to compete or compete with the many blogs or websites. As an example, your blog/website discusses the theme of blogging, how many blogs/websites that discuss blogging on the internet, so you have to compete with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other blogs for the top search engine results because we know the top search engine results are the most effective way to increase the number of blog visitors. If you can’t show unique and quality articles, your blog will sink, losing competition with similar blogs/websites.

It’s not difficult to create unique and quality post articles, you basically make a difference in the way the article is presented even though basically the content is the same (that’s the most important thing). Content is king as that’s how a blog can compete. If you are still copy-pasting, stealing other blog articles, then forget about how to increase the number of visitors to your blog, even if you succeed in increasing the number of visits it will only be temporary, as we know Search engine algorithms are now more complex, more competitive and more selective. So if you can’t display a unique and quality article then your article will be immersed in the search engine SERP results.

Blogwalking is an activity to visit other blogs / websites and leave comments on the blogs you visit. Now with this blogwalking proved effective also in increasing the number of visitors to your blog. The benefits that you can get from this blogwalking are:

  • Promote your blog through blog comments
  • Able to interact with readers and blog owners
  • Get backlinks
  • Increase the possibility or chance of readers of the blog you visit to your blog by leaving a link on the blog you visit.

Create interesting blog content
Creating interesting blog content not only for readers but also for search engines. To create the interest of readers or users, you can create unique and quality articles with titles that attract attention. Now, to make search engines interested, your article must be unique, not copy and paste, check spelling, punctuation and articles must contain lots of keywords and pay attention to targeting LTK (long tail keywords) because competition is quite low for these keywords.

Build visitor interactions
If you want to have a lot of visitors then you also have to treat your visitors well if your blog is an authority blog, you can give good treatment by replying to incoming comments, providing solutions if anyone asks or has problems regarding the topic you are discussing, replying to emails from incoming readers etc. Basically interaction with visitors will create visitors sympathy for you and become regular customers of your blog.

Using web directories & social media
One of the goals of web directories is to collect blog/web content listed in the directory to be read by users, so you can use this as a tool to remind your blog visitors. Or those of you who are active in social media such as Facebooks, Twitter and other social media sites, you can also use them to share links to your blog/website post articles. Then the chances of your blog visitors getting bigger. Update your status on both social media by informing your posts. The more posts you inform, the more your friends will visit your blog. In addition, this event will help you diversify your visitor sources so that you don’t just rely on search engines.