6 Tips for Choosing a Quality Mifi

Mifi is a tool that serves to spread the internet connection from the SIM card (cellular). It has performance like a hotspot on a cellphone, but is better at capturing signals and can be placed anywhere because of its relatively small size.

Currently there are many brands of Mifi. Some of that is provided directly by the SIM card service. And usually when buying these products, users will be given a SIM card that has a bonus quota.

Then do all Mifi have the same advantages? Of course not. There is a Mifi device that differs in several ways. This is what makes you have to be smart in choosing, in order to get the right Mifi and can be used without any problems.

Tips for Choosing the Right and Quality Mifi

Like choosing a cellphone, you also have to be careful when you want to buy a Mifi. Several things must be monitored, both in terms of specifications, capabilities, and others. In this article, I will give you some tips so that you can find the best Mifi device that is suitable for daily use.

1. Support Multiple Mobile Cards

So there are two types of Mifi devices that you need to know. The first is version Locked, where only certain SIM cards can be used. An example is Mifi Andromaxwhich can only be used for cards Smartphone just.

Meanwhile, there is also a version Unlocked which can be used for all types of mobile cards. Of course I prefer this Unlocked version considering that the device can be used with any SIM card. However, make sure you first ask the seller about which cards can be used.

2. Knowing the Network Type

Make sure the Mifi that you are going to buy supports the 4G network. Because for now 4G is the fastest network in Indonesia. There are even devices that support 5G networks, but that type of network is still not available at this time.

In addition, make sure that the 4G network frequency on the cellular card that you will use is also supported by the Mifi. And to ensure the frequency, please download a similar application LTE Discovery. The application can display band or the frequency of the card used in the phone.

3. Selecting the Mifi Type

Mifi devices are widely available in the form of boxes or squares that can be placed anywhere, but other than that there are also modems that can be turned on using a USB cable or even via a power bank.

On the other hand, Mifi that uses the battery is sometimes also available bypassso that the device can be used without a battery and can directly rely on electric power only.

While the modem version (wingle) will always require electrical power to turn it on. But the electrical power needed is not difficult to find. Even with an OTG cable, your phone can do that too.

4. Network Speed

Some Mifi are able tohandle network speeds up to 150Mbps, 300Mbps, or even up to 500Mbps. Although in Indonesia the speed of the cellular network is not that high, it doesn’t matter if you choose the fastest one.

From my own experience using Mifi with a speed of 500Mbps, I can only use 70Mbps using a cellular card with a full 4G signal condition. Julybe it’s biased higher or lower in certain regions.

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5. Comparing Features In Mifi

You may have found there are many types of Mifi that you want to buy, but are confused about choosing one of them. And the thing that I think is quite important is knowing feature which is in it.

Here are the features you need to know before buying a Mifi:

  • Lock Network Type – For example, it is used only for 4G, so as not to switch to 3G.
  • Calling USSD Code – Useful for calling USSD codes such as checking credit or so on.
  • Send and Receive SMS – Can be used to send or receive SMS.
  • Data Usage Statistics – Knowing the use of quota during use.
  • Minimum Wifi User Limit 8 Devices – This is so that the Mifi can be used by multiple devices at once.
  • Has External Antenna Slot – Serves to get a better signal.

The features above can be considered before you buy it. In my opinion, the most important feature is being able to lock the network type, so that the connection you get can be smooth and doesn’t change.

6. Price

And finally, back to the budget that you have prepared. Usually the higher the price of the Mifi, the better the features you get. If you buy offline, also compare the prices at online stores, find out whether the price is reasonable or not.

As a suggestion, buy a Mifi according to the budget you have prepared. No need to force to get a Mifi which has a super expensive price. It would also be nice to see reviews on Youtube or reviews on online stores to find out what the Mifi is capable of.

Hopefully useful and good luck