6 Tips for Knowing Someone Is Lying

Tips for detecting someone who is lying – Everyone certainly does not want to be lied to, including you, right? It becomes a very painful thing when you are lied to by the people around you even by someone you care about. This time I will share a few tips on how to detect someone who is lying when talking to you based on the most popular psychology site, Psychology Today. Everyone who is lying will definitely show a slightly absurd attitude if you pay close attention, unless that person has often lied or is a professional liar hehehhehehe .. then you will have a hard time detecting the lie he is talking about.

Ok, go on to tips on how to detect the lies of someone who is talking to you, if you are more careful or pay attention to someone when they are talking then you might know a little about the truth of someone who is talking to you. Someone who is lying when talking will show an attitude or strangeness like the following:

Tips for Knowing Someone is Lying

Pay attention to body language
Someone who is lying when they talk to you usually hides their palms and doesn’t sit straight or they don’t get up straight when they lie. They also avoid eye contact when telling the things they are talking about this shows that they do not want their lies to be known by others. When someone who is telling the truth they will focus on what they are talking about while people who are lying will often move or move their limbs this they do because they are not comfortable with the lie they are doing or talking.

Unfocused view
A person who lies also will not focus on making eye contact with someone they are chatting with, even though they are a shy person they will still focus on eye contact when they are speaking the truth. A person who is lying will avert your eyes when you look him in the eye or look here and there when speaking contact is in progress. According to Psychology Today, the direction in which the eyes move reflects the functions that occur in the brain at the time the conversation is taking place. For example, when they are talking to us about something but they seem unfocused or not paying attention to the person’s eyes or paying attention to something else when they are talking this is one sign that they may be lying.

Inconsistency in conversation
Inconsistent speech (frequently changing) or inconsistency in speech may be one of your tips to find out someone is lying. As a pattern every time they talk will change the direction of the conversation a little every time they discuss something. Liars will forget every word or conversation they have previously said, will add words to make the story look more interesting, or the story they have spoken will always fluctuate or be inconsistent when they talk about it again. Inconsistency in speech is one sign that shows that someone is lying.

Feeling anxious
Someone who is lying will feel uncomfortable or anxious every time they lie, unless they often commit lies. Perhaps this sense of anxiety or fear can be seen from a tool called a Lie Detector which is commonly used by authorized state investigators to interrogate suspects of a crime. This tool works by showing changes in the body when they are lying such as enlarged pupils, increased heart rate, increased blood flow in the body etc. These changes in the body will occur when they are anxious. The intensity of this anxiety varies depending on how professional a liar is.

When someone who rarely or never lies then this anxiety will be seen when they lie even without using a lie detector or Lie detector, unless they often lie or it is their habit to lie then this sign of anxiety is not seen significantly even using a detector. even lies.

Avoiding the subject in question
Someone who is lying or hiding something they don’t want others to hear will avoid the subject being discussed. They will divert the conversation when you ask something or the subject of the conversation.

Lack of Firmness
A person who lies in a conversation will appear wishy-washy or indecisive with what they are talking about. They will look less confident when speaking, the conversation being carried out will be carried out in a low tone. A person who is lying will appear to be speaking slowly and seem to slow down or stop many times when speaking in order to find out what they have to say.

So, those are some tips on how to detect lies when someone is talking to you based on the psychologytoday.com site. So if you have other experiences or add, please comment in the comment box provided.