6 Tips for Knowing the Alphabet of a Woman’s Ideal Boy

Woman’s dream man – You do not need to be inferior if you feel that you are not good-looking or lacking in everything. The assessment of women in determining the ideal male partner, can no longer be denied. But most good women will determine the man who is really the best to be his partner in the future. Physical advantages are also taken into account but don’t worry, women who are really good for you will first see your personality than physical.

Women who want their serious relationship will see the personality of a man who wants to build a relationship with the woman. And the ideal male figure they will certainly take into account because good men are judged to be able to prosper their families later. So, here are some types or letters of the ideal male that most women are looking for as quoted from the world’s largest dating site, Match.com:

Kind, Caring and considerate
the fundamental things that are liked by many women in general are kind, caring and considerate, even the three traits are interrelated. Where a good man will have a fairly high level of caring, well if men have a sense of caring for their partner then they will also show good attention. So it is not wrong if women always want to make them friends, life partners, or male figures who can balance themselves. Therefore, this kind and caring type of man is the dream of every woman. So, does it match your character or personality as a good, caring and considerate man? Read also tips for approaching women.

It is undeniable that women like charismatic men, just like most men like women who accentuate their feminine (motherly) character. Charisma is a man who has a strong self-confidence, dares to make eye contact, and always smiles. A charismatic man is considered suitable for a woman who dreams of a man who will become her priest in the future.

Confident and smart
Who doesn’t want someone who is confident and intelligent, maybe you as a man also want that the woman you want to approach also has confidence and is also smart, right? Likewise with women, women also have the desire of the ideal man, namely a man who is confident and intelligent. read also how to make a girl curious to you.

Good Listener and Humorous
Women really hate men who are selfish, only concerned with the interests of men themselves without wanting to hear women’s complaints or talks. Women crave a man who can be a good listener, who wants to hear his complaints and make women laugh with men’s jokes (humorous). Women generally like men who can make them laugh with their humor and make them happy.

Neat Look
A person will be judged first by what they wear, right? If you dress carelessly + shabby, of course, no woman will want if you are approached. Women like men who look neat and clean, neat and hygienic, it doesn’t have to be glamorous, you know? Women will always give factual value to men who are neat in appearance. Women will judge a man who looks neat and hygienic can respect himself by looking good and neat. So this is also the type of man who is a woman’s dream. Read also melt the heart of a quiet & shy girl.

Casual and Flexible
Men who have this relaxed and flexible type, are also a dream for women. Which women feel very comfortable and not awkward if they go with him. Even this kind of man, will be able to show a sense of comfort in all situations for his partner.