6 Ways to Download VLive Videos + Subtitles To Gallery

Portalsitaro.com – For lovers of South Korean things, especially about celebrities, you must be familiar with Vlive. One of the platforms or places for interaction between idols and their fans, where this application uses video media as a bridge for interaction between idols and fans user.

Apart from being used for activities streamingan application that is sometimes referred to by the name VApp This turns out to also be able to save the video. So K-POPers can enjoy watching their idols more without fear of limited time or data package quotas.

How to download videos on Vlive is also quite easy, not much different from downloading video files from YouTube. In addition to the subtitles that the user just attaches to the video. make it easier for oppa and eonni lovers to understand their language.

Then, how to download this Vlive video?

Well, in this article, our SerbaGratis95 team will provide a brief description of how to download videos on the Vlive + Subtitle platform to the gallery. Curious about how to download this Vlive app? Let’s look at the details below!

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How to Download VLive Videos + Subtitles to Gallery

One of the advantages of downloading videos on the Vlive application is that you can repeat the videos you like without worrying about running out of quota. It’s just that, when you first download a video, the data taken will be more drained.

Users also don’t need to use software addition. However, to expedite the download process we also need the help of a third party to make it happen. The following is detailed information regarding how to download vlive and subtitles via HP and PC devices.

1. How to Download VLife Videos via HP

The first way we will share is using HP media. Besides being easier, millennial people also tend to use smartphones for all their daily activities. So, maybe it’s more important if we apply it in the first part.

To download vlive videos using a cellphone, users need to use the help of an application that can implement it. One of which is Lilsubs. Well, for details on how it works, please read to the end.

  • The first thing you need to do is login to your Vlive app account. Then, find the video you want to download.
  • Next, please tap Settings Menu (three dots at the top right). Then, tap link Share – Copy Link.
  • At this stage the user has got the video link link, it’s just a matter of how to convert the link so that it can be used for the download process.
  • To realize this, users need the help of a third party as a medium, namely Lilsubs.

The method:

  • Open your flagship browser. (Google Chrome recommendation) Then, go to the website Lilsubs.com
    On the main page of the site, there is a column provided as a place for video links from related platforms. One of them is Vlive.
  • Enter Link in the URL field. Then click download.

Well, here the user will be asked to select the desired video resolution. Among others are:

  1. 1080p :1920×1080
  2. 720p :1280×720
  3. 480p :858×480, etc.

If the user wants to add subtitles, please look for the one that uses Indonesian with a choice of SRT format. If this format does not support, please take the VTT version.

Try not to choose a subtitle that says AUTO. Because, this subtitle is an automatic translation which is sometimes a bit confusing. What if the subtitle option doesn’t appear? Yes, it means the video doesn’t provide subtitles yet.

Back to the topic of discussion!. If the video and subtitle file have been downloaded, please use the same name to make the translation search process easier. Done

Although a bit cumbersome at the beginning of use. But, if you’re used to it, it’s definitely easy to download. So, just enjoy the process.

2. How to Download VLive Videos via PC/Laptop

After finishing downloading Vlife videos via HP, there may be users who use PC/laptop devices to open this application. And once in a while I think of downloading Vlive videos using the device.

Actually, how to download Vlive either via HP or PC is the same. Users need a third party to make it happen. Julybe the only difference is the button keyboard and screen size only.

However, in this tutorial we are not using Lilsubs as an additional service, but Soshistagram as the medium. Here are the steps!

Stage 1 Guide
  • First, go to the official Vlive website. Then, find the video you want to download.
  • Second, Copy the video link link. Alternatively, please press the share\share button. Then, copy the link provided. (picture numbers 1,2, and 3)
  • Third, open the site https://home.soshistagram com/. Then, paste the URL link that you copied earlier into the column on the main page of the website. (picture number 4)
  • Fourth, choose the resolution you want. (because this device uses a widescreen version, 1080p, and 720p resolution, we recommend that the image is clear and users are more comfortable watching it). (picture number 5)
how to download the latest Vlive videos
Stage 2 Guide
  • Fifth, please use the subtitle feature to make it easier to understand the conversation in the video. If there is no subtitle, it means that the translation does not exist or is not available. Choose SRT or VTT format as your subtitle file format. (picture number 7)
  • Finally, give the same name as the video so that subtitles can be detected and attached immediately when the video is playing. (picture number 8) Example:

Video title: BTS TV Special EP.01.mp4
Subtitle Name : BTS TV Special EP.01.srt

How, easy isn’t it? Now KPOPers can calmly enjoy video treats that you have downloaded via your device mobile or your computer.

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In this case, users can also use other third parties besides Soshistagram and Lilsubs as a bridge to download files with videos. Unfortunately, the author himself has never tried to download when using the premium version of this application. Thank you and hopefully useful.