6 Ways to Fight Enemies Who Use Athena Shield (Counter)

Portalsitaro.com – Are you having trouble fighting enemies carrying Athena Shield items? If yes, you are at right place. Because below we will share tricks on how to fight it.

Athena Shield is one of the items in the Mobile Legend game that is quite important to attack Magic-type heroes. Not infrequently we find ML players think that Athena Shield is too OP. Because the defense of heroes who use this item is difficult to penetrate.

Athena Shield item provides considerable magic defense. Where, the basic effect of this counter hero mage item is to attribute 62 magic defense to the hero who uses it.

In addition, this item also provides an additional 25% passive magic defense. Therefore, the hero who uses magic defende will be thicker and quite difficult for his defense to penetrate.

How to Fight Enemies Who Use Athena Shield

It’s not impossible to fight enemies who use Athena Shield items. Especially if we observe this item is specifically made to fight hero mage mobile legend.

However, each item must have a positive or negative side when used. And here are tips and tricks on how to counter the Athena Shield whose defense is quite thick.

  1. First, please lure Athena’s passive first.
  2. Athena’s Shield is usually marked by the appearance of a purple color surrounding the user’s hero.
  3. This Athena Shield activates for approximately 5 seconds. Please wait until the shield is gone.
  4. You need to know, Athena’s Shield cooldown is 10 seconds. So take the time to attack him.
  5. When Athena’s Shield is gone or inactive, please attack the hero continuously until he dies (Must die!).
  6. That way the hero who uses the Athena Shield ML item will be easier to kill. Than when the magic defense item is still active.

Items for Counter Athena Shield

There are various items that give great magic power to the hero who uses it, including the Genius Wand or Divine Glaine.

  • Genius Wand: having a passive reduces magic defense by 2-9, and can stack up to 3x. That means at the highest level the user can reduce 27 magic of the opponent or the user of this athens shield.
  • Divine Glaine: when this item is in active status, Divine Glaine gives 65 magic power and 40% magic penetration. Meanwhile, this passive hero is able to increase 0.1% magic penetration when attacking an opponent. And can build up to 20%.

The combination of Genius Wand or Divine Glaine items in hero build items will be better used as opposed to heroes with Athena Shield items. Especially if you are a Pharsa hero mage user.

Actually, you can also use heroes with high burst damage, which are indeed the natural enemies of heroes who wear thick protective items. Because the average hero of this type has high magic penetration.

Heroes like Lunox, Pharsa, Lylia, Yve and Cecilion are some of the heroes that have high burst damage. Especially if you have entered the late game, these various heroes can provide enormous magic damage.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to fight heroes who use Athena Shield or the cool term is Athena Shield Counter. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. That’s all and please try.