6 Ways to Hack Wife’s Cellphone with Google Account

Portalsitaro.com – Husbands who have beautiful wives, may have warned their wife’s activities on the WhastApp application. Does he often chat with other men, ex-girlfriends, or mistresses.

Even this sometimes makes husbands want to tap the whatsapp application installed on the wife’s cellphone. For the sake of treating the curiosity of the wife’s activities carried out in this popular online chat application.

Incidentally, because on this occasion we will provide information about how to hack a wife’s cellphone with a google account. So, husbands can monitor the activities that their wives do.

Curious about how to tap a wife’s cellphone without the owner knowing? Let’s see the explanation that we will convey below.

How to Hack Wife’s Cellphone with Google Account

There are various reasons why a husband wants to remotely tap his wife’s cellphone without the owner knowing. Usually this activity is due to the husband’s curiosity about the wife’s activities in the application.

Secret monitoring through this activity can also be the best alternative for husbands who feel their wife’s suspicious movements. Besides being more ethical because we don’t ‘accuse’ directly, we can also know what the wife is doing without her knowledge.

So, how do I tap my wife’s cellphone with this Google account, min? Are there any special tricks to do it? In order to quell your curiosity, here are the steps to tap WhatsApp via Google.

Tap Wife’s cellphone via the Smartphone Logs Application

Smartphone Logs is an application that can copy or back up data on the cellphone, such as messages, calls and others. Users can take advantage of this feature to tap the wife’s cellphone without her knowledge. The method:

  1. Download and install the Smartphone Logs application first.
  2. Please register a Smartphone Logs account by filling in usernames, e-mails, and also account password.
  3. If so, please tick the three suggested options.
  4. The next step, please select ‘Activate Notification Backup’. To see the chat or phone calls made by the wife, the stage is the knowledge of the owner.
  5. If a notification appears, please select ‘Mode on’.
  6. After the configuration is filled in properly, click ‘Save and Hide’.

By doing the steps above, now you have succeeded in tapping your wife’s cellphone without her knowing it. So, chat activities, video calls, telephone calls, which are carried out on the Whatsapp application will be monitored by the husband.

Questions About Tapping Wife’s Cellphone Without Knowing The Owner

  • Does this wife’s cellphone tapping tutorial work 100%? We do not guarantee this method can still be used. However, when it was used this method could still be used.
  • Why doesn’t the wife know when her cellphone is tapped? Because in the context above, we only ask for data backup from the WatsApp application without the knowledge of the wife.
  • Is there any other way besides using a google account to tap the wife’s cellphone? Since this is only one way to tap someone’s cellphone, there are probably many ways to do that.

Thus the information that we can convey related to the activities of tapping the wife’s cellphone with a google account. The presence of this guide makes it easy for husbands to monitor their wife’s activities in front of the cellphone screen.

This tutorial does not only apply to watching the wife, but also vice versa. The wife can also monitor the online activities of her husband’s cellphone by doing the same thing. If there are suspicious movements by one of these couples.