6 Ways to Make Questions on IG That Are More Hits

Portalsitaro.com – The emergence of the reply photo feature on Instagram makes people more interested in using this application. In this feature, Instagramers can create or follow questions from other people.

For example, there is a challenge about sharing your cool photos. Where, we have to share photos to suit this challenge. To be able to take part in this challenge.

Although it has been popular and favored by domestic Instagramers, but still those who don’t know how to follow challenge this. Especially on how to make the Instagram Reply feature question.

Therefore, in this article we will share how to make questions on ig that are more hits. So, you can also enliven the latest features of this Instagram application. Here is the complete information. Also Read: How to Change Your Nickname on Instagram

How To Make Questions On Ig That Are More Hits

Because there are still many ig users who don’t know how to make questions on Instagram. So on this occasion we will provide a complete description related to the steps.

How to Create Question In Reply Feature on Instagram

In addition to answering questions posed by other Instagram users, users can also create questions through this feature. The method is:

  1. Open your Instagram app account.
  2. Click the plus “+” icon, then select “Story”
  3. Next, click the sticker icon at the top of the InstaStory menu.
  4. Then, then look for a sticker with the words “Add Yours”
  5. At this stage the user just writes challenge that you want to bolt. For example: show your aesthetic photo
  6. If you are sure, click Done and immediately share photos to your Instagram Story.

By doing this, you have successfully created a question in your Reply feature in the Instagram application. Now just waiting for a reply from your followers.

So how do you answer that question? Is there a special way to follow the challenge?

For those of you who don’t know how to answer questions from this Add Yours feature. We will also provide information on how to do it. Please take a look!

How to Answer Questions on Instagram InstaStory

If you already know how to make it, below we will provide a tutorial on how to answer these questions, namely:

  • First, please open the Instagram Story of a friend or someone else.
  • Next, click on the story in accordance with the directions requested.
  • If callennge what is made is to display photos as we have explained above, then please click “Add yours” on the story.
  • The next step, select the aesthetic photo you want share. Or, use the direct method to what question you want answered.

By doing this, you have succeeded in answering it, and stay share just so others can follow suit.

Collection of Captions for Questions on InstaStory Instagram

Here are various examples of captions that you can use for questions in your Reply feature on Instagram. Check this out…

  • How to be happy?
  • Love or be loved?
  • Accept return or expire?
  • How to be loyal?
  • Biggest fear in life?
  • Lowest point in your life?
  • How to change the attitude of a girl who is too spoiled?
  • Struggle or Advertise?
  • Silent or Move. One word for selfish guy? And others.

Users also create other questions that suit your current situation. Because the list above is just a few captions that we quote from other people’s stories. So, please use it if you like it, if you want to make your own caption, go ahead.

A little information about the features add your in this instagram app. Sometimes we encounter many users who complain because they don’t find this feature in the sticker menu on instastory.

Relax, and don’t worry. Update the latest version on the device device your android or iPhone. If you have done this but are still zoning out, there may be a bug in that version of the Instagram application. Please wait until the next update.

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That’s the information we can convey related to how to make questions on ig, which is becoming a hit in 2022. If there are still things that are not understood, you can convey them through the comments column that we have provided. Thank you and hopefully useful.