6 Ways to Overcome Vermuk Shopee Food

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe the Shopee Food driver is a bit uncomfortable with the advance verification policy that needs to be done. The reason is, the emergence of this policy makes drivers need to vermuk shopee food every day.

The emergence of shopee food face verification is probably due to the large number of drivers using Joki accounts. Where, the account is very detrimental whether it’s the shopee or the food delivery person.

Well, below we will provide information about what shopee food vermuk is and how to deal with it. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

What is Vermuk Driver Shopee Food

Vermuk stands for advance verification. So, the shopee food driver verification is a face verification activity by the driver or food delivery person in the shopee food application.

The purpose of having a vermuk in shopee is to ensure that the On Bid driver (activation of the online motorcycle taxi application) is in accordance with the driver data, driver application, and also the Customer Application.

In addition, the purpose of this shopee vermuk is also as a medium for eradicating jockey account users and buying and selling driver accounts which are currently rife. So that there are no more accounts that harm the manager or other people. Also Read: How to Register Shopee Food

How to Overcome Shopee Food’s Vermuk Driver

Many of the users real as well as jockeys looking for ways to overcome shopee food introduction face verification. Although some people have not enabled this feature.

Therefore, as a form of convenience in carrying out this activity, below we will provide some tips and tricks that you can use. As well as overcoming the Gojek and Grab vermuk.

  1. Make sure the owner of the Shopee Food driver account is the closest person to you, so that when a notification appears it can be immediately resolved.
  2. Vermuk without attributes and helmets are still allowed.
  3. Avoid purchasing shopee food driver accounts.
  4. The list of shopeefood driver partners is normal. Do a search for the terms and conditions of registration so that the application process is easy to acc.
  5. If indeed you act as a Shopee Food driver jockey, look for an owner who is easy to contact and ask for help, so that shopee vermuk is easy to do.
  6. Please disable the advance verification feature to remove notifications from shopee which are specifically given to the application’s food driver marketplace this online.

That’s the information we can convey related to the problem of how to vermuk shopee food. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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Actually, there are other ways you can do to overcome this problem of shopee food vermuk, namely by turning off GPS, data, airplane mode, or staying asleep. But the musty position remains on.

So, when we’re on bid again tomorrow, we don’t need to move around. The point is that the cellphone should not die or be restarted. Also, make sure the application does not get cleaned of garbage or memory. Thank you and hopefully useful.