7 ID Cafe in Sakura School Simulator, Can be Saved

Portalsitaro.com – Are Sakubers looking for id cafe sakura school simulator? But it’s difficult because you can’t get it. Relax, in this article we have provided it.

There are various interesting places in the sakura school simulator, whether it’s amusement rides, parkour spots, haunted houses, night markets, and also a hangout place for young people, namely the Cafe.

There are various id cafe sakura school that you can visit, be it with a modern, minimalist, outdoor style, there is even a cafe located between sea water. So, it’s great when we see the view from there.

Well, below we will share the id props cafe in the sakura school simulator. For those of you who are curious to visit and see the decorations of the cafe where these young people hang out, please read this article to the end to find out.

ID Cafe Collection in Sakura School Simulator

Here is the sakura school simulator cafe id that we managed to get from various sources, please use the sakura id props below to visit this young hangout place.

  1. Cozy Cafe, By Himarimi. Props ID: 4116 4212 8160 17
  2. D’ytas Cafe, By Nadyta. Props ID: 9116 4371 3687 11
  3. Royal Restaurant, By White Milk. Props ID: 3816 3914 6340 16
  4. Holyday Cafe, By White Milk. Props ID: 5216 4114 3048 14
  5. L’Amoure Cafe, By White Milk. Props ID: 2616 3914 6765 14
  6. CittCatt Market, By CittCatt Channel. Props ID: 3016 4259 1246 15
  7. Cafe near the beach, By Lyche Tea. Props ID: 1816 4161 6959 30
  8. Warung Boba, By Dunia Lala. Props ID: 7816 2742 6663 40

That’s a row of sakura school cafe ids that we can convey, not many, just enough as medicine for Sakubers who want to visit the cafe in this sakura school game. Also Read: HP Store ID in Sakura School Simulator

Cafe Review at Game Sakura School

  • Cozy cafe: Minimalist and modern in shape: there are seats inside and outside the cafe, the menu is above the place of order, complete with delivery bands outside the cafe + toilets.
  • Royal Restaurant: Located on the beach, around the road to where there are food and entertainment vendors, access to the cafe can be by boat or wooden road, the menu is in front of the cafe, there is a music room, and sit at this seaside cafe.
  • Holy Day Cafe: The name of the cafe is Cool beans, two floors with a simple style, not too many things but comfortable enough for visitors who come alone.
  • L’Amoure Cafe: an indoor and outdoor cafe theme with a 2-storey building, one of the aesthetic cafe IDs that we saw, because it carries a minimalist concept and looks modern. Moreover, a special place is provided for VIP visitors.
  • Citt Catt Market: actually this is more of a shop, not a cafe. Because inside this place sells fruit, drinks, and also a place of payment.
  • D’ytas Cafe: carrying a cute concept with pink and white colors around the building. Menu tables are available inside and outside the cafe, where the cashier is near the door, equipped with a music stage on the 2nd floor of the cafe building.
  • Beachside Cafe: a small but aesthetic cafe, the view towards the beach is a plus from this cafe. But there is still something that needs to be completed in the cafe.
  • Boba’s shop: the name of cafe laboba, cute aesthetic, and quite neat in decorating the room.

That’s the information we can convey related to this Sakura school simulator id cafe. Some of the id props you can save and edit as you wish, so please use the props code above as much as possible.

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