7 Life Lessons You Don’t Get From School

Life lessons – There are 2 types of education or learning that we get during life, namely formal education (learning obtained from school) and non-formal education (from experience, instinct, mistakes or failures). Both are very important. Both of these lessons are very useful to be applied in everyday life for our lives. Education will make us know how to survive and experience makes us stronger. So this time I will share a few tips that I quoted from Z Hereford in his personal blog, namely essentiallifeskills.net about life lessons that you don’t get from school benches.

Big things start from small things
Big success is the accumulation of success in small things, so big failure is the accumulation of small things that escape your attention. Sometimes many people are influenced by something big but they forget that big things always start from small things, whatever it is. “A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step” yes it is true “A journey of a thousand miles always begins with one step”. Enjoy the small things in your life better and see the big good you will get in the future. One billion money will not be a billion if it is less than a thousand rupiah, always pay attention to the little things in your life that will make you successful or fail. Read also world leader life lessons.

Life is unpredictable and doesn’t always turn out the way you think
You can’t control life to always go the way you imagine. Life will always be like a spinning wheel, sometimes up and sometimes down. People who are rural will say “yes, just follow it, life is like a spinning wheel”, while successful people will say “I will prepare for life while I am on top and prepare if someday I will be down”. Open minded and keep an example of thinking that is always factual will always welcome how to live life has to offer. When they are above they will always be grateful and prepare if one day they are under, and they will always be steadfast, trying when they are under. Also read tips achieve success in life.

Who is the smartest, who is the most handsome and who is the richest. Most people always feel and answer “I”. The most boring word in any language is “I”. I will only be amazing when I am used for self-confidence and independence. Selfishness will always start with “me”. There’s nothing more monotonous than hearing someone talk about themselves and their accomplishments endlessly. Being selfish is not the same as having self-confidence.

Building better relationships will lead to your success
Every merchant will be successful if there are buyers, goods will be said to be the best if used by many consumers, satisfactory services will be successful if they have many customers. So you can’t live alone because humans are social creatures, as well as in the business world. So don’t just think about the money you can make, but do whatever your business is to help many people and connect you with more people and the bonus you will get more money than you think. Relationships are more important than money to success. Without the love and help of family and friends in life, the large sums of money you accumulate are of little use. Setting values ​​and priorities can help you establish what’s important.

No one can make you happy but yourself
You are what you think. It is up to each of us to know what it takes to be balanced and happy. Happiness is how you treat things with your mind. Julybe that’s why there are people whose lives are too poor but their lives taste happiness while people who are full of wealth actually feel sadness. Read also Tips for creating a happier life.

Build trust
It is very important to maintain the trust of others. Good deeds will always inspire trust and confidence from family, friends and many people. Be the kind of person who is able to keep the trust of others.

Be forgiving
Forgive yourself, your friends and enemies. We are all just ordinary people who will never escape from mistakes or mistakes. Holding grudges and lamenting past mistakes will only hurt you and prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest.