7 Powerful Tips for Cleaning Tartar

How to deal with tartar Tartar or in the medical world referred to as dental calculus is the accumulation of plaque (food residue) that is left in the mouth so that over time it will accumulate and harden due to the protection of lime in saliva (saliva) and causes tartar to form. Palk itself will cause the emergence of various bacteria because it is known that there are more than 30 types of bacteria in the oral cavity. Tartar or plaque buildup on the teeth will cause various oral health problems if left unchecked for example, gums easily fall out, shake, cavities, and breath becomes rancid or more commonly called verbal rancidity (halitosis).

Tartar can be yellow, brown or black, usually influenced by what we consume and habits such as smoking, coffee, liquor etc. Tartar will usually be difficult to remove unlike dental plaque which may be removed by brushing your teeth. Because tartar is quite hard and is a fairly old pile of plaque that forms on the teeth, it is quite difficult to remove it. Now for those of you who feel very irritated because of the difficulty of overcoming tartar, here are some ways that you might be able to use to overcome your tartar:

Tips for cleaning tartar

With the help of a dentist
If you have difficulty in overcoming your tartar, then you need protection from a professional and in this case a dentist. The dentist will clean your tartar with the protection of a scaler tool, a scaler is a medical tool commonly used to clean tartar so that your teeth will be free from tartar and look whiter, hygienic and healthy.

Regularly and diligently maintain oral hygiene.
Maintaining oral and dental hygiene is the most effective way to prevent plaque and tartar from forming. Brushing your teeth after eating or at least 2 times a day will help treat your tartar properly. Brushing your teeth for about 3 minutes and always gargling after eating something will be very good to prevent tartar from forming.

Using siwak
Bersiwak is an effective method used since ancient times to clean plaque, tartar and has proven to be effective in whitening teeth. Siwak is an activity of brushing teeth using the stem, roots and other parts of the siwak plant (Salvadora persica). Well, by siwak at least 3 times a week it will be very good to prevent and overcome tartar arising on your teeth.

Drink lots of water
In general, water is very beneficial for various human health. Water will help cleanse and transport toxins, toxins, chemicals and other harmful materials in our bodies and excrete them through sweat and urine. And in relation to preventing plaque and tartar, namely by increasing the consumption of water, it will help verbally produce saliva or saliva. While saliva will help break down plaque that will form tartar. so meet your water needs at least 8-9 glasses per day or the equivalent of 1.5 liters.

Breadfruit sap
Cleaning tartar can also be done with breadfruit protection, generally breadfruit is usually used as a vegetable base or can be consumed as fried food. so how to use breadfruit sap then apply on tartar using a toothbrush protection, brush slowly and gently and leave for 10 minutes. After that brush your teeth with your toothpaste. The use of this method is very effective for cleaning your tartar.

Avoid consuming foods or drinks that accelerate the formation of plaque or tartar
Some foods and drinks that accelerate the growth of tartar are coffee, liquor, nicotine in cigarettes and several other materials. Well instead there are some very good foods to help in overcoming tartar such as fresh fruits and vegetables, apples, yam, kedondong, strawberries, sugar cane etc.

Using herbal ingredients
Some of these herbal ingredients help to clean tartar that sticks to your teeth effectively, just rub and leave for 5 minutes then clean and you can see the difference immediately. In addition to helping to overcome tartar, this herbal material also helps make your teeth look whiter. These herbal ingredients are cloves, baking soda, rice flour, kawak seed acid, etc.

So, those are some ways to get rid of stubborn tartar on your teeth. If you have other experiences that have proven effective in cleaning tartar, please add comments and share with thousands of readers of this blog. Thank you for visiting.