7 Tips for Keeping Marriage Relationships Lasting

Keeping the Ijab Kabul so that it lasts and lasts – Nothing is truly infinite in this world, because eternity belongs only to God, as well as in a marriage relationship. But what is meant here is a lasting marriage and marriage relationship that is nurtured to grandparents. Having a new family based on a marriage agreement may sound easy but it will be much more difficult to build a family and maintain a harmonious marriage to be a happy family.

Many divorce cases are triggered by problems in the family that cannot be resolved properly. So that in maintaining the Ijab Kabul relationship so that it can continue to run forever, it is expected that hard efforts are needed in fighting for it, and it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Well this time I will share a few tips on how to maintain a harmonious relationship in marriage so that it remains well established.

Appreciate and respect your partner
Humans are created in different circumstances, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, the purpose of the marriage agreement is to unite differences and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Respecting, appreciating and getting each other’s strengths and weaknesses is an effective way of fostering a lasting Ijab Kabul relationship. This helps to strengthen the bond in the marriage relationship.

Being an adult
After you get married you are required to be minded and be a teenager in navigating married life. Thinking of teenagers as being responsible for financial problems to run the wheels of marriage, reacting factually every collision and dilemma in the family, can build better relationships, and resolve any conflicts that arise in marriage before the problem gets bigger. Also read tips maintain harmony in the family.

Communication is the main thing in bringing a lasting and happy consent. Communication is key. It is undeniable that in the life of marriage, friction, boredom, problems, difficulties always color married life. Now with intense communication, you can communicate everything well with your partner and can find the perfect solution to resolve any problems that arise.

There’s nothing more to hide from your partner, unlike when you were dating. Marriage is to unite 2 hearts, so what do you know, the partner also has the right to know and vice versa. So, openness in building relationships will make your marriage contract last longer and last longer. Openness in the Ijab Kabul relationship is a strong pillar of the household relationship. Where the dilemma of miscommunication and lack of openness in undergoing the marriage agreement that has been established, can indeed undermine and damage someone’s marriage agreement. And what happens if this is left without a solution, it often ends in divorce. Read also tips to avoid divorce in marriage.

Don’t dim the harmony
At the beginning of the consent, attention, affection, honesty, even intimate relationships will be well established, but over time these things will fade. Well, don’t let the harmony in the marriage agreement fade as time goes by. Give appreciation, attention, and quality time with your partner and keep your partner special. Therefore, maintaining the embers of love and romance between a husband and wife is very important.

There is a close bond with parents
It is undeniable that parents and in-laws are figures who also contribute to the longevity of the marriage relationship. They have experience in navigating married life. At least you can be friendly, kind, polite with your in-laws even though there are many collisions or disagreements with them, especially when you are meeting them. This is because your in-laws can also be a source and symbol of the support of the relationship between the two of you. Even they (parents and in-laws) can be a support team if one day your relationship is on the verge of a serious problem. Because every mother-in-law and any parent doesn’t want their son-in-law or child to be unhappy in their marriage.

Financial transparency
In addition to communication, openness, harmony, maturity, closeness, financial dilemmas are also very influential on the survival of married life. Communicate well every financial need in your family as the foundation of the father is really responsible for earning a living for the sake of fulfilling family needs, but the wife must also be smart in managing or carrying out family financial plans so that the marriage agreement relationship goes well, lasts and lasts.