7 Tips to Boost the Immune System

Boost the immune system – Uncertain weather such as heat, rain, tasteless makes you susceptible to disease. That’s because the system in your body is not immune enough to ward off germs that attack your body. When the immune system decreases, it will increase the chances of germs, viruses and germs entering your body easily.

So that you are free from infectious diseases, seasonal diseases or dangerous diseases, increase your immune system so that the body is not easily infected with germs. Avoid bad habits that harm your health such as smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, stress etc. Besides, you also have to get used to living clean and healthy. Here are some ways to effectively boost your immune system.

Boost Immune System

Healthy & balanced diet
Food plays an important role in maintaining good health. Set your diet regularly with nutritious foods and avoid foods that are not good for your health such as fast food (junk food), fatty foods, too much sugar and unhygienic.

Include lots of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet as they are a very good source of antioxidants and help boost immunity. immune system to fight disease. Complete your healthy diet by drinking milk which contains lots of minerals, protein and calcium. You can also consume dairy products such as yogurt in your diet because they contain probiotic bacteria that help in the absorption of nutrients in the intestines and stabilize the immune system.

Get enough rest
A good sleep time is 7-8 hours. Sleep will help restore your lost energy during a day of activities so that when you stand up your body is back fit and fit. Besides that, good quality sleep also helps prevent you from emotional disturbances, stress, depression and boosts your immune system naturally.

Keep clean
Keeping your body clean will also help boost your immune system indirectly. Keeping your body and surroundings clean will help prevent disease. Regular bathing, washing hands before eating, brushing teeth regularly are light habits that you can do to prevent disease.

Just drink water
Water helps meet your body’s minerals, it will keep your body hydrated and prevent fluid deficiency in your body. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day (1.5L). Another advantage of water is that it helps remove toxins and toxins in your body and removes them through sweat and urine. Not exclusively drinking lots of water can boost your immune system.

Consumption of natural herbs
If you are sick, don’t rush to buy medicine at the shop to treat your minor illness, it’s actually not good because the residue of the chemicals in the medicine will last quite a long time in the body. So if you have a mild and harmless disease such as fever, cold, flu, use natural herbal ingredients, besides being able to treat and relieve, these herbal ingredients are also proven to boost your immune system naturally. Some herbal ingredients such as garlic, ginger, ginseng, lemon, spices can remove toxins from the body and boost your immune system.

Exercise regularly
Research has shown that regular exercise done every day for at least 20 minutes helps protect against disease and can boost your immune system. Mild exercise such as walking, jogging, tennis, swimming or soccer every day for at least 20 minutes will make a fresh mind free from stress and can boost immunity.

Think positively
Yes, with a lot of real thinking it will prevent you from stress or stress. Stress as we know can lower the immune system so that the body is susceptible to disease. Real thinking plays a major role in fighting stress. So by sending real messages to your mind will help reduce anxiety and reduce stress levels which in turn will increase your immunity to fight disease.