7 Ways to Change Higgs Domino Island 2022 Password

Portalsitaro.comHiggs Domino Island is one of the online game applications that are quite in demand by gamers in the country. In addition to introducing a variety of exciting games such as dominoes, puzzles, cards, checkers and slots. This game can also be played on OS and IOS devices.

Many features that players can get in this game, including free chips, playing with other users (online), top up or refill chips, and donate coins to friends who join this game.

However, not infrequently we encounter many players who forget the highgs domino island password which they have. So that they can no longer access this highs domino game.

Well, in this article, our SerbaGratis95 team will provide information on how to change the domino island 2022 password. So, users don’t need to be confused if they face this problem. The rest, please read the following tutorial!

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How to Change Higgs Domino Island Password

Noted, there are several steps you need to do to change this domino higgs password, namely: log in In the Higgs Domino application, fill out a list of forms that need to be filled in, and change the Higgs Domino password that you forgot earlier. Here are the steps!

  • Step 1. Please open the Higgs Domino Island apk. Or visit the following link: https://idomino.boxiangyx.com/web/shopIndex.do
  • Step 2. Tap the login text to log into the Higgs Domino account.
  • Step 3. Since in this case the user forgot the password, please tap “Forgot Password” to continue.
  • Step 4. Input Higgs Domino Island account IDyour.

Notes: At this stage the user will be asked to fill out your account data form, such as game ID, e-mail, cellphone number, facebook account, and others.

  • Step 5. Higgs Domino will send a “verification code” that is sent to one of the account forms. (depending on the account you are associated with)
  • Step 6. Enter the verification code. Then create a new higgs domino island password that contains a combination of 6-16 letters and numbers.
  • Step 7. Repeat filling in the password, then tap “Send”

Wait until a notification appears indicating that the password has been successfully reset. If it means how to change the domino higgs password you have managed to do it properly and correctly.

By the way, to avoid the problem of forgetting domino higgs password again, try to remember it. If you need to, note down the game ID of Higgs Domino and the latest password that you changed earlier.

So, does this method apply to Higgs Domino Island visitor accounts?

How to Change Higgs Domino Island Password Visitor Account

If the player forgets the domino island password for your visitor account, you don’t need to worry or panic. Because, the method that needs to be done to change the higgs domino password is exactly the same as the regular version.

People who forget the domino island password just follow the tutorial above. Later, your visitor account will return to normal.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to change the higgs domino island password. Hopefully, with the presence of the information above, users will no longer worry if they forget the password for this game.

If there are still questions that haven’t been answered, players can attach them in the comments column, or by sending them directly to CS Higgs Domino Island at [email protected].

As additional information, until now there is no way to change the Domino Island higgs password without a cellphone number. So, please remember correctly the ID and password. That’s all and good luck