7 Ways To Get Inactive COC Account 2022

How to get an inactive COC account – Maintaining a game account is entertainment in itself.Especially if your account is in-game Clash of Clans (COC).

We all know Clash of Clans is an old game. A significant number of retired and existing players are beginning to experiment with ways to retrieve a coc account that is no longer active.

However, how to retrieve a COC account that is no longer active is still unknown to many.If you want to get back to playing, you can try this one method at home.

To help you use the method of retrieving a COC account that is no longer active, Wulin game I will try to explain. So, are you ready to find a COC account with a high TH?

Characteristics of Inactive COC Accounts

Characteristics of Inactive Coc Accounts

Before you start looking for inactive COC accounts with high TH, you should be aware of their characteristics. In fact, what are the criteria for an inactive COC account?

An inactive COC account has the following characteristics:

  • Mine resources are full and ready for harvest.
  • Your plant resources (trees) are full and ready to harvest.
  • Many achievements are empty.

If you see any of the above characteristics, it means your account is no longer active because it has not been maintained. Please check again to make sure you have the correct account.

Terms and Conditions for Inactive COC Accounts

Terms and Conditions for Inactive Coc Accounts

Having a good understanding of the characteristics of an inactive account, you should also know some conditions for obtaining it. All these requirements make it easier to get an account.

The requirements for obtaining an inactive COC account are:

1. Find hashtags for inactive account players

A player’s hashtag is one of the most important and account identity. Players can see it in the profile section of the deactivated account.

2. Know your inactive account name

In addition to player hashtags, names are also important for implementing account acquisition methods. So please carefully remember the name of the inactive account you are trying to remediate.

3. Know your city hall level for inactive accounts

Also, keep an eye on your COC account’s Town Hall level. Because when you get an account, that level is included in the developer verification process.

4. Know your inactive account clans

Also check the Clans section to see if your inactive account is a member of a clan. This information is useful as it was included in one of Supercell’s validation sessions.

5. Unused email address

After that, the inactive COC account will require a container. A developer needs a new email address that is not already connected to another account.

6. Have a personal COC account

A personal COC account is required. This is because personal accounts are used to look for inactive accounts. So you can take an account that is not the best way.

How to find an inactive COC account

How to find inactive Coc accounts

Once you know the criteria for obtaining an account, the next step is how to find out which accounts are no longer active. This method is easy as long as you already have a personal account.

To find a COC account that is no longer active:

  • Open the COC application and log into your personal account.
  • Tap when you enter the base page Account profile.
  • tap the tab Clan then tap advanced options.
  • scroll down and select clan label (Max 3).
  • Scroll down again, then seek.
  • A list of clans you are looking for will appear.
  • Select a clan and check its members one by one.
  • Please choose one from profile Also visit.
  • If you meet the above requirements, you can get an account.

If you have found the account you are looking for, you can apply the COC account method immediately. Please check if your account has already been deactivated to avoid being considered a hack.

How to make an inactive COC account higher TH

How to get a Coc account that is no longer active at a high price

It’s time to find out how to get a COC account. So, if you have good intentions, you can treat this account as a means of entertainment.

To retrieve a COC account that is no longer active:

  • Open the COC application and log in using your personal account.
  • Then tap the photo icon Equipment It’s in the lower right corner.
  • select menu Help and support To contact CS Supercell.
  • Just tap the icon message-box bottom right blue.
  • Select option lost account Start how to get a COC account.
  • Read all the policies above and tap continue.
  • Fill out the form in the form of account name, clan name, player’s hashtagWhen town hall level (Thailand).
  • If all data is entered correctly, tap continue.
  • Later Supercell will instruct you to send an email requesting an account.
  • Follow these instructions from Supercell.

In some cases, there are some accounts that cannot be obtained for some reason.but if you want High TH Free COC Account That’s for sure, then we’ve stocked up.


Finally, you can play Clash of Clans without having to build hard, thanks to how to get an inactive COC account. Of course, some of the above methods should be followed step by step.

some discussion about How to get an inactive COC account from Wulin gameStay tuned for other interesting information about the latest reliable COC.

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