7 Ways to Join WA PPG 2022 Group

Portalsitaro.com – For PPG academic selection participants in positions in 2022, it is recommended to be able to join the PPG 2022 WA Group, together with academic supervisors in positions from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology.

The joining of the selection participants to the whatsapp group is as a medium of information related to the implementation of the PPG 2022 academic selection which will be held by the institution that oversees education in Indonesia.

Therefore, it is necessary for PPG academic selection participants to know how to join the PPG whatApp group in 2022. So that you don’t miss any information related to this.

How to Join the PPG 2022 WA Group

To enter and join the whatsapp group with the academic selection supervisor in this position, it’s actually not that hard to do. Selection participants can follow the directions below to enter it.

  1. Make sure your WhatsApp application is synced with your laptop or PC.
  2. Please enter the official page gtk.learning.kemdikbud.go.id
  3. After successfully logging in, the main page of the site will display the ‘PPG – In Position’ section. Please just click.
  4. If you have successfully entered the ‘PPG – In Position’ page, an information display will appear that requires prospective users to enter their PPG account. Please enter ’email and password’.
  5. After successfully logging in, in the ‘Your Features’ section, please select ‘Download Exam Card’.
  6. At this stage the selection participants will get a PPG exam card and can print it.
  7. Now, to be able to join the PPG WA group, participants will be given a message like the one below.

‘Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Good afternoon Mr/Mrs PPG candidates. Greetings to all of us. Nice to meet you, sir/madam, I am the PPG 2022 selection supervisor informing you to immediately join the Whastaap group provided by clicking this link’.

That is the content of the writing that PPG selection participants will get. To join the group, please click on the recommended link.

In the group, the PPG selection supervisor will convey information related to the implementation of the academic selection in the WA group.

Join WhatsApp PPG Group via Exam Card

Academic selection participants can also enter the PPG 2022 whatsapp application group after opening the exam card that you get after entering ‘your features’. There will be a WA group link link provided by the PPG supervisor.

This link will bridge the selection participants to join the wa grub with academic supervisors in this 2022 position.

As for participants who want to join this wa grub, they need to link the WhatApp application they use with their computer or laptop. In order to facilitate the process of joining this selection participants.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the complete guide on how to join the WA PPG 2022 group. Hopefully the little information we convey is useful for all participants in the academic selection in this position.