7 Ways to Shop 0 Rupiah at Akulaku

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe many people are looking for tricks to be able to shop for free on the Akulaku application. Therefore, below we will provide tips and tricks on how to shop 0 rupiah at Akulaku.

The Akulaku online loan application is holding an event or promo that is quite tempting. Where, users can get the opportunity to buy goods for free for 0 rupiah.

The goods offered also vary, be it electronic products, fashion, household appliances, and so on. Users just choose what they want.

However, to get a product for 0 rupiah, of course, there are terms and conditions to be able to get it. Therefore, below we will provide complete information. Also Read: Risk of Galbay Akulaku

Shop 0 Rupiah via Akulaku’s Free Pick Up Event

Users can shop without paying anything through the event that Akulaku is holding this time. Where, the Take Free Items event allows the user to get the item he chooses.

The ease with which the user finds the item also depends on the product selected. Because the product is relatively cheap, it makes the task of the user to get it even easier.

Talking about assignments, what you do to get this 0 rupiah free item is to invite friends to use the Akulaku application. At least, users need the help of 2-5 people to get 1 item.

If you are interested in participating in Akulaku’s free pick up event, but are unsure whether this event is really paying, safe or not, you can read the Akulaku free pick up article is it safe that we made earlier.

Shopping Terms 0 Rupiah Akulaku Application

If new or old Akulaku application users want to take part in this free item shopping event at Akulaku, then you need to know what the terms and conditions are to be able to get these items.

You can get this item for 0 rupiah if we can invite new users who don’t have an Akulaku account. In addition, the new Akulaku user must also register via the link you sent.

Well, after successfully registering and applying for credit in the Akulaku application until the application is accepted. Do that until you exceed the quota to get the item you choose.

How to Claim Items 0 Rupiah at Akulaku

After knowing how to get and also the terms and conditions in the Akulaku free rupiah promo, below we will provide a guide in claiming the prize. The method:

  • First open the Akulaku application account
  • On Akulaku’s homepage, please click the ‘Take Free’ menu.
  • There are various kinds mercent or product items that you can choose. Please select the product as desired.
  • If so, select the size and color of the product.
  • Once done, click ‘Confirm’.
  • At this stage the user only needs to fill in the address as the destination for delivery of goods.
  • Finally, please share the link containing the Akulaku referral code via social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and others.

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That’s the information we can share regarding how to spend 0 rupiah at Akulaku 2022. Follow the method above if you want to get free stuff from the Akulaku app.

By the way, after you share the link for the Take Akulaku free event, your friends who click on the link will be directed to the Take Vouchers and Help Him page. Don’t forget to enter your cellphone number to participate in this event. That’s all and good luck.