8 Effective Ways July You Always Get Used to Standing Early

Get used to getting up early – Waking up in the morning is a habit factor, some are used to getting up early without giving an alarm but some are unable to get up in the morning even though they have set the alarm at night before going to bed. Julybe for some people it has become an easy thing and become a habit to wake up in the morning. But on the other hand, there are still many people who find it difficult to stand up perfectly in the morning. Lack of sleep and become a habit will make you lose focus, body weak or less fit, lazy, easy to get sick etc.

There are many factors that make many people unaccustomed to getting up early in the morning besides habits such as staying up late, stress, poor sleep quality and sleep disturbances or insomnia (Also read our other articles about natural ways to deal with insomnia or trouble sleeping disorders). Well this time I will share a little about how you can always wake up in the morning without disturbing your sleep time so you will wake up fit and fit, here are the tips:

Don’t change your sleep pattern
Changes in sleep patterns will greatly affect your waking cycle, for example you are used to sleeping at 9 pm but you change it to sleep after 9 o’clock, this will also change your standing time in the morning. Do not go to bed too early because you will wake up at night or do not sleep too late because you will wake up late. Set your sleep pattern properly and on time this will help you get good quality sleep and wake you up in the morning.

Reduce staying up late
Julybe you are too busy or have a lot of work piled up that you have to complete. but if it’s time for you to sleep then end your work and hurry to sleep or rest. Well if you are too busy maybe you can finish it early so you get enough sleep or continue the next day. Therefore, you should at least be able to reduce night activities that you feel are not too important, such as staying up too late, which can drain energy so that you can be late to get up in the morning. besides staying up late is also not good for your health in general.

Avoid heavy consumption or stimulants
Eating too much heavy food such as rice will make it difficult for you to sleep, of course this will make you sleep late and in the end will make you stand up late. But do not go to bed on an empty stomach because this can make you wake up at night due to hunger. Consumption of regular food should not be excessive and avoid foods or drinks that contain stimulants (keep you always awake) such as coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol etc.

Drink water before and after sleep
To supply so that you can get up in the morning, you can also use drinking water before going to bed. This is because drinking water before bed will be able to encourage you to immediately urinate to the bathroom. In a way that looks like this, you inevitably have to stand up from the bed, so you can apply this method so that you can get up in the morning. And the function of drinking water after getting up from sleep itself, is to replace lost body fluids so that you can do activities with enthusiasm, and reactivate some organs in your body. So that after standing up to sleep, you no longer feel sleepy and can carry out existing activities.

Make comfort so you fall asleep quickly
Rooms and all bedding that are hygienic and comfortable will help you fall asleep quickly, keep away the equipment that keeps you awake such as turning on the computer, TV or others. If you are still having trouble sleeping, use aromatherapy and dim the room lights that are too bright. This way you fall asleep easily and you will wake up in the morning.

Put the alarm away from the bed
Now, he’s the one who sleeps with the alarm but still has trouble getting up, so the perfect solution is to place the alarm away from your hands. In this way, indirectly when the alarm goes off, you will not be easy to pick up the alarm to turn it off again, you have to get up from bed to turn it off. So like it or not you have to get up in the morning to immediately carry out activities again.

Exercise and physical activity
Exercise is proven to increase the body’s metabolism so that you are healthier in general this means you are also free from signs of sleep disturbances or insomnia. By diligently exercising at least 30 minutes every day will help your body get healthy. Other physical activities will also make you feel tired at night and sleepiness will come naturally.

Take a shower immediately after getting up in the morning
You need to know, that the most difficult thing is to take a shower immediately after getting up in the morning. But from here you can get the key so you can get used to getting up early. This is because bathing in the morning with the water still cold, it will immediately wake up the nervous system and wake you up. So that after you take a shower in the morning, it will indirectly get rid of the feeling of laziness and make the body fresh and fit in the morning.