8 Effective Ways to Gain Weight (Ideal)

For those of you who have a body that is too thin, of course, it will reduce your sense of self-confidence, you will be embarrassed to go out with friends who have an ideal body. Yes, everyone wants an ideal healthy body, both fat and thin all want their ideal body weight. Then the question for those of you who are thin, have eaten a lot but why are you not fat? Many factors cause weight loss or it is difficult to gain weight starting from an unhealthy lifestyle, examples of eating, bad habits etc.

This time I will share about tips to increase body weight so that your body weight is ideal and also healthy of course. Yes, every process will take time, but if you regularly carry out the tips that we will discuss below, I’m sure your weight will increase in just 3 months, here are tips to increase body weight so that your body weight is ideal:

Effective Ways to Gain Weight

Increase consumption of drinking water
Body fluids obtained from fresh water or plain water help carry harmful materials such as chemicals, toxins or toxins from the body and remove them through sweat and urine. So if your body is clean from toxins or chemical compounds, your metabolic system will increase, so all your organs will work as they should. This will make you active and will indirectly shape your muscles, so your ideal body weight will not only be fat but also dense.

By chewing food until smooth
It might sound strange what this has to do with chewing food more finely and gaining weight. Obviously there is a connection, in the medical world it is known to be related to intestinal absorption (intestinal absorption ability). When you chew your food more finely it will make it easier for the intestines to absorb (absorption) the nutrients in the food and will circulate them throughout the body, if you eat too fast so that the food is not right then the intestines will have difficulty digesting your food and of course it will be missed before all the nutrients work out absorbed by the intestine.

Get enough rest
When people don’t get enough rest, it can lead to decreased enthusiasm, lack of focus, lazy and easily tired. well in conditions like this of course you will lose your appetite even though the food you eat will nourish and increase muscle mass.

Eat Regularly
According to some health experts explain to gain weight will be more effective if you eat more often and regularly with small portions but often than you eat 2 times in the morning and evening in large portions. Eating small amounts but often will make you feel hungry often and the effect will be to eat more of your food and the performance of the intestines will continue to work, if you eat large portions it will actually make you full in the long term.

Consumption of protein
Protein is the building block of meat and muscle mass. well if you want to increase your body weight with ideal then consume foods or drinks that are rich in protein. Foods that are rich in protein are meat, eggs, sea products, milk, yogurt, cheese, soy etc. Make sure you eat foods that are high in protein but low in fat.

Avoid bad habits
Bad habits such as smoking, stress, alcoholic beverages, staying up late and other bad habits will reduce your appetite, when you smoke or drink alcohol your appetite will disappear or decrease which means you will only eat when you are hungry. If you are a smoker, try to stop smoking and weigh your body 1 month later, there will be an increase.

Exercise regularly
As I mentioned in the point above that a good metabolism will make your body fit and make all your organs run smoothly. and if all blood circulation and metabolism run smoothly then you will be healthy, when you are healthy then your appetite will increase because your energy needs also increase.

Check Your Health
So, if you have done all of the above, but your body is still not fat, then immediately check or check your health with the relevant doctor, you may experience signs of illness that keep your body thin even though you have eaten a lot, such as cases of signs of anorexia (symptoms of the disorder can not be fat).