8 Simple Ways to Know the Characteristics / Early Signs of Pregnancy

There are many ways that couples who have just married or couples who have long wanted a baby’s pregnancy to find out the signs or characteristics of early pregnancy. How to find out early signs or characteristics of pregnancy can be seen by observing the physical changes of women with a simple method but for more accurate results use a pregnancy test or test pack. Here’s a simple way know the signs or symptoms of pregnancy in women:

Simple Ways to Know Early Signs of Pregnancy

Late Coming Month
Late arrival of the month is usually used as an indicator or a way to mark the beginning of pregnancy in general which is widely used by the public in general, although late arrival of the month may also not be a sign or feature of early pregnancy. Late arrival of the month can be caused by the use of drugs or pregnancy control devices (contraception), excess body weight (obesity), mental problems (stress, depression or mental stress), hormonal problems (unbalanced hormones), fatigue or an unfit body, abnormalities etc. However, this method can also be used as an indicator to determine the early characteristics of pregnancy.

Feeling Eneg, Nausea and feeling like Vomiting
Women who experience early pregnancy generally feel nauseous, nauseous, feel like throwing up and this usually happens and starts in the 2-8 week after conception. However, nausea and feeling like vomiting can also be caused by other factors such as poisoning, stress or various other digestive organ problems.

Changes in breast size and shape
Usually pregnant women in the early days will experience an increase in breast size and usually starts on the 1st week to the 6th week after conception and generally the increase in breast size is also accompanied by pain in the breast. However, breast pain can also be caused by other factors such as conditions before menstruation, hormones, use of contraceptive drugs, etc. not only the size changes, but usually when a woman begins to enter the pregnancy period, it is usually accompanied by darkening of the areola or a darker color of the nipples. This discoloration of the nipples generally occurs about one to 14 weeks after conception and lasts throughout pregnancy.

Often easily tired and sleepy
Women who experience pregnancy in the early days as progesterone increases will make pregnant women feel tired, easily tired and easily sleepy and this is a natural thing. It can also be an indicator for women who are experiencing pregnancy and generally occurs around the 1st to 6th week of pregnancy.

Back pain
Back pain is a natural thing that happens to pregnant women, this will occur more often as the fetus ages. This can happen because the spine will hold extra body weight, namely the body weight of pregnant women and the baby they are carrying.

Frequent Headaches
Pregnant women in the early days will often experience headaches, this is caused by estrogen levels being produced more or higher in pregnant women.

Craving for food or something
Yes, hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women will cause interest in something (cravings) to be greater, such as wanting to eat something that is not normally consumed, wanting to carry out an absurd activity, etc.

Frequent urination
Frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy, and usually begins about six to eight weeks after conception. But it can also be caused by other causes that cause frequent urination, namely diabetes, urinary tract obstruction, and excessive diuretics causing urination.

So, if you experience any of the above, chances are you are in the early stages of pregnancy, but to be more accurate and detailed, use a test pack to test your pregnancy or visit an obstetrician or related medical doctor to get more detailed and accurate information.