8 Tips for Controlling Your Anger (Emotions)

I’m sure you are an angry person hehehhee, … of course because you can get to this page of course because you want to find solutions to learn to control your emotions or anger. Having emotions or anger is a sign that you are normal and there are no mental and health disorders, the dilemma is when your emotions exceed the logic of your thinking or you have an explosive emotional state. Stable emotions are normal and normal, some research shows that having stable emotions is a sign that you are in good health. The most important thing is that you can manage them in a positive way. Anger or uncontrolled emotional conditions can affect your health and of course your social relationships with the people around you.

Now if you are the type of person who is angry with unstable emotional conditions, you are on the right blog page because in this article I will share a little about 8 tips on how to learn to control your anger or emotions in a stable and more positive way. Here are tips on how to control explosive or unstable emotions and anger:

Tips for Controlling Anger (Emotions)

Think before you speak
Most people who are emotional when their emotions are provoked will issue uncontrollable words or words. They will curse, say dirty words and even say “too brave” which of course under normal conditions it might be a regret. In a state of “hot” or emotional peak it is very easy to say something that you will later regret later. There are no good decisions to make when you are angry. So think before you speak, when you are emotional, take a deep breath and then let it out slowly, try to open your mind before speaking and allow other people who are involved in the same situation or condition (same emotions) to do the same thing as you.

After you calm down, express your anger
Yes, pent-up emotions are not good for your physical or mental health, instead of keeping your feelings of anger or resentment and being able to forget the incident or make your emotions resurface, calm down and dampen your emotions after you are truly peaceful, express or express your frustrations in an appropriate way. firm but not confrontational or sparking more advanced debates or arguments. You can express your emotions by not hurting other people by shouting as loud as you can (of course in a room or quiet area so as not to disturb others).

Exercise regularly
Now you must be asking “What does controlling emotions have to do with sports activities”?. Obviously interrelated of course, based on the medical world physical activity can help reduce stress, stress is a trigger that can cause you to become angry easily. By exercising regularly, your brain will release more substances called endorphins, substances that cause feelings of happiness, pleasure, comfort, prosperity, love and other pleasant feelings. well if you feel comfortable, happy and happy of course you will not be grumpy right? If you feel your anger rising, go for a brisk walk or run, or spend time doing other enjoyable physical activities.

Enough rest
When you lack sleep or lack of rest, you will easily get tired, unfocused, lazy and easy to get emotional or angry. Give yourself adequate rest when your activities can really trigger stress or tension. A few moments of peaceful time may help you feel better prepared to handle what lies ahead without emotions or feelings of anger.

Looking for a solution, not looking for a cause
If you focus only on what makes you angry, it will only make you more emotional. find a solution so that your anger subsides and you can control it well. If you feel emotional when the road is always jammed because you go to the office late, then you better get up early to go to the office so you won’t be late, or when you come home from work you see a dirty house room and it can make you angry you should clean it, that way you find a solution not to argue with other people that can actually trigger your anger to peak. Remind and tell yourself that getting angry won’t fix anything and may only make it worse.

Don’t hold a grudge
Forgiveness is a powerful thing to reduce your anger. If you allow anger and negative feelings to be stored in your mind or heart it will only create emotions or anger will always follow you. But if you can forgive someone who made you angry, you may be able to learn something from the situation and that can bring you some relief. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to behave exactly the way you want or expect them to at all times.

Laugh and make funny things
How can you be angry when you laugh. Use humor or jokes that make you laugh to help you deal with and control your emotions or anger.

When your anger is at its peak, try using this powerful method to defuse your anger. Methods like catching your breath, smiling, or repeating a calming word or phrase in your heart like, “Take it easy or stay calm.” You might also listen to music, write in a journal or do yoga or meditation or anything else to encourage relaxation that will ease your anger.