8 Tips That Help You Be More Optimistic

Tips to always be optimistic in living the day – “So that person who is optimistic, don’t be pessimistic like that”… You must have heard words like that maybe even your friends or family said words like that if you feel unsure or doubt what you will do. Yes, advice like that is perfect because living people must have high optimism, be resilient, don’t give up and always live full of faith in what they will do.

Optimism or optimism in correct grammar, as quoted from the Wikipedia site, is understanding or faith in everything from a good and pleasant perspective and an attitude of always having good hopes in everything. In other words, optimism is the belief in one’s ability to do good and fun things in realizing hopes, dreams or ideals. So it is not surprising that someone who has a high attitude of optimism in his life will usually be successful in the future.

No one lives without problems. This is an important thing to note. Everyone has their own difficult times but being optimistic during hard times is important to achieve bigger things in your life. The following are important things to stay optimistic in living your day:

Always be thankful
Gratitude is a form of your gratitude to God for what has been given to you, both bad and good things. With gratitude you will enjoy and appreciate every second of the opportunity that is given to you. Sometimes it’s easier to find a thousand reasons to complain, than reasons to feel grateful in difficult times. Well, being grateful, this will teach you to have optimism or faith that in life there are always good things and bad things that you receive. If you are given pleasure, success and facilities in life you will be able to appreciate and use all these gifts well, while if you are given difficulties, obstacles or failures then you will be more optimistic that every difficulty is a solution to solve it and in every difficulty there is always a facility if we are always optimistic.

Don’t complain & always think positive
Still remember the gold prospector who stopped his hoe to dig for gold even though he was only an inch away from the gold he was looking for, yes because the gold digger was easy to complain, easily gave up and did not have high optimism even though he would achieve a little more success. Similarly, when we fail, we feel our difficulties are always focused on “complaining” rather than busy looking for the perfect solution or problem solving to overcome our problems, difficulties or failures. Optimistic people will always never give up, give up when they encounter difficulties or run away from problems because they have faith, ability and hope. Optimistic people will think “Nothing really fails if we don’t stop what we are trying to do”.

There is a message from someone, that person is a very large magnetic field, which has the ability to attract positive and negative things around us very quickly. Therefore as much as possible in difficult conditions or not try not to think negatively, complain, it’s better to think positively…. With positive thinking you will also attract positive things around you. No one is immune to the rigors of life. Even the optimist though. The key is in staying positive by staying grounded in the reality. “There are many challenges experienced. Positive people approach it with a ‘this too will pass’ mentality. It’s an image that they’ve been through challenges before and made it through,” continued Blakeman.

Always motivated
To grow optimism in yourself always motivate yourself with good things like “if I doubt what I will receive, if I believe I will succeed”. Motivation will create you and foster an optimistic attitude in your daily life. Motivation does not have to read entrepreneurs or motivators, you can even motivate yourself to be optimistic by praying. Every prayer is necessary for good things and to ask for all your hopes, dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled. Now by praying, of course you will be more motivated to realize what is your prayer and eager to process your every hope, ideal or dream into real aggression to make it happen.

Focus on the future & don’t waste your time
Having a focus on your future is an important factor to foster optimism in your life. The present will be the past one second from now, and the future will be the past one second after. So use your time better and always be full of high optimism in realizing what your dreams are in the future because you can’t repeat the 1 second that has been missed in your life. Do you want to create another positive memory by doing positive things or a gloomy day by constantly complaining?

Get rid of anxiety, worry, pressure and fear
Anxiety, worry, fear are the main factors that cause optimism to decline. It is natural for humans to be worried, anxious, afraid or depressed. but don’t make things like that excessive and make you pessimistic in facing life. When you want to be more optimistic in facing the day and facing your future then you must learn to manage or manage your worries, anxieties, worries, stress and fears in a normal level. now you can use mind relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, breathing, tai chi or other relaxation techniques that will make you more relaxed and calm. well if your mind is always relaxed and peaceful in the face of every difficulty then you will be more optimistic in living life.

Don’t blame yourself
Positive people learn to find themselves, what they are, all the shortcomings they have because they believe that in every weakness they have, there are other advantages that may not be found in other people. Self-acceptance is important so that your life becomes happier. One way to instill more feelings of love in yourself is through meditation of compassion and love. Exercise can also make feelings of love expand. Research published in the journal Psychological Science found that those who regularly practiced the event felt their emotions become more positive.

Good environment
Yes, it’s the same as the saying “If you gather with a perfume seller, you will also taste the fragrance, as well as if you gather with a fried food seller, your smell will be like fried food”. Yes, the environment can have a big impact on your life. Studies show emotions such as stress and happiness are contagious. This means that the more you are around him, the more likely he is to reflect that attitude. In positive people, they form an influential social circle that will reinforce their optimistic nature. This means, if you want to be more optimistic, make friends with people who always spread that optimism.

Always have a goal or a plan
You can be an optimistic person, by constantly thinking about what actions can be taken immediately, so that all important goals can be achieved. The busier you are in pursuing your goals, the more energetic and enthusiastic you will be. That way your optimism will be awakened to realize every goal that you previously planned. The busier you are in pursuing all your dreams and hopes, the faster you will move forward, the more you can accomplish, and the happier you will feel.