8 Tips to Make it Easy for Your Blog to be Accepted by Google Adsense

Actually, many have discussed tips on how to register a blog so that it can be accepted by Google Adsense. Yes, until now Google Adsense is still an alternative advertising activity that is most in demand by bloggers or website owners because this advertising activity is the best, trusted, proven, relatively higher price per click than other ad network activities, relevant ads according to blog content, payments that are always perfect on time and of course many other advantages. So it is not wrong if this one advertising activity is much favored by blogs / web owners to monetize or make money from the blogs they manage.

However, there is an obstacle that bloggers often complain about because it is quite classic, namely the reason it is difficult to be accepted as a publisher of Google adsense advertising network activities. And I’ve also complained in the past and was almost frustrated by registering my blog (not this blog), if others were rejected 3-4 times then successfully accepted, if I was rejected 10 times by Google and the 11th time I signed up I was accepted, that’s enough there’s a lot hehehehehe… the point is don’t be frustrated and always manage your blog better in the future to make it easier Your blog is accepted by Google Adsense. You know that every reason that Google sends is always the same, namely the blog does not comply with the terms and conditions of service from Google, but it does not explain in detail why our blog is rejected.

Tips to make it easier for your blog to be accepted by Google Adsense
Well this time I will discuss it one by one so that your blog or website is easily accepted when registering for Google Adsense. Here are some questions that might help you to check the quality of your blog whether it’s worth it or not worthy of being a Google Adsense publisher:

Make sure your blog is registered
– Listed in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
– Registered with Webmasters (Google Webmaster, Yahoo, Bing) (updated bing and yahoo now to 1 webmaster)

Make sure your blog has 2 site maps
– Site map on the blog page (table of contents/)
– Sitemap on webmaster (xml sitemap)

The age of the blog is in accordance with the provisions
Google requires certain countries such as China, India and Pakistan to register their blogs with Google Adsense at least 6 months old. This is to ensure that within that age period, your blog is required to contain a lot of quality and useful content, rich in visitors, has many keywords that are relevant to Google ads and of course your blog is ready and worthy of being a Google Adsense publisher.

Easy to navigate and has a support page
– Has navigation that makes it easy for visitors to surf throughout your blog pages
– Has a support page (Table of contents, terms and conditions, contact)
– Has a supporting widget that makes it easy for users to use your blog (as breadcrumb patterns, popular posts, related articles, recent posts etc.)

SEO friendly blog template
– Lightweight blog template / does not take much time to load pages (fast load)
– Correct heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc.)
– Do not use many scripts or widgets that burden the blog and make it difficult for search engine crawlers to crawl your entire blog.
– Simple blog template
– Neat and organized layout of widgets and pages

All content does not violate copyright
– Article content must be original and unique (if you copy and paste too much, forget to register for Google Adsense)
– Quality articles and attract readers
– Images are not copyrighted (the solution is to use your own image or take a license-free image)

Content-rich blogs & visitors
-Make sure the blog has a lot of articles (it is not known exactly how many articles you must have to register on Google Adsense, according to some SEO experts, at least a blog must have at least 60 articles before registering for Google Adsense)
– Have a lot of visitors
– Have a lot of traffic (preferably organic traffic)

Niche or blog theme in accordance with the provisions
The niche or blog theme that you will register is prohibited from containing:
– Adult content
– Gambling
– Sales of alcohol, narcotics, weapons
– Racist
– Direct
– Etc

Now you can check again whether your blog is in accordance with the criteria above, I’m sure if your blog meets the criteria above, it is possible that your blog or website is easy to register with Google Adsense. If you have questions, input, suggestions or difficulties, please comment in the comment form provided. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.