8 Ways to Always Be Grateful for Life

Gratitude is how we thank God for whatever God has given us by appreciating everything that happens in life. Not only when we are happy or happy we have to be grateful but when we get a test in life we ​​also have to be grateful. There is always something concrete in the various situations you face when we can be grateful for everything in life.

When we get something good in life, gratitude will make us always motivated to do something even better, and when we can be grateful for every trial or test in life then with gratitude we will be free from pressure (stress) and can learn of the exam. And being grateful will also train us to appreciate everything that happens in our lives.

Here are eight simple ways to keep practicing gratitude not only when you get happiness but also train us to stay grateful in the midst of life’s failures, as reported by Womanitely.

Be grateful that you are still…..
Be grateful for whatever happens in your life because you still have many opportunities. When you fail to try then be grateful that you still have a healthy body and you are still given the opportunity to try, when you complain because it hurts to leave your boyfriend or partner then be grateful that you are still given the opportunity to see the bad side of your partner and start a better relationship. Practice being grateful for this life starting when you wake up that you are still given the opportunity to see the beauty of the world, and thank God for what God has given you during this day when you go to bed at night.

Look down, not look up
To practice your gratitude, look at everything down, not up, that means look at people who are less fortunate below us, not just look at people who are always above us. It’s okay to see people above us but use it to motivate yourself. If you start complaining a lot and not being grateful for life, look at the millions of people who are still below us. Look at those who are hungry and we can still eat every day, look at those who suffer from serious illnesses and can still smile and have the spirit to heal, look at those who live under bridges etc. By seeing many people who are less fortunate than us, it will make us more grateful for life.

Stop Comparing Your Life With Others
When things go wrong, your life seems worse than everyone else’s. If you still think so, you should get rid of it immediately. You never know what other people’s lives will look like from the inside. You don’t have a complete understanding of their problem and it’s possible that the pain is deeper than your problem. Try to mind your own business and never compare your fate with others.

Be grateful that there are still people closest to you in your life
Not everyone is lucky to have a complete family or have strong family ties. When you have difficulties, your parents are usually the first to support and help you, both emotionally and financially. Look at your partner who every day always supports you, accompanies and spends a lot of time with you. Look at your son and daughter who is cute and keeps your spirits up. When you are going through difficult times, mom is always there to give you wisdom and encourage you to try. Remember, your family will never let you down, even when you are facing the most difficult things in life.

Grateful for Bad Experiences and Challenges
When you are overwhelmed with a problem, it is difficult to find concrete things about it. However, the ability to appreciate the challenges and difficulties in life is essential for dealing with stress. Tough times make you a more influential and mature person. Those challenges build your character, endurance, and forge your perseverance. In fact, hard times teach people to respect circumstances. Adversity is usually the starting point of a new life and now you may realize the importance of all the obstacles and challenges that you have gone through.

Get rid of hate
Feelings of hate prevent you from being grateful for what you have. It resembles a devil’s circle. You don’t have to think that it’s bad luck, try to see the hard times as just a coincidence. Consider the situation a worthwhile challenge to test your character and willpower. Try to divide your life into important aspects, such as career, parents, health, friendships, finances, and everything else that you think is important.

Appreciate the little things
There are amazing things around you. Smiles on the faces of your friends, the taste of yummy food on the tongue, cool morning breezes and sunsets. The things that make us happier are sometimes given for free by Allah and that is what makes many people sometimes ignore them. Learn to see and appreciate the little things and the goodness that the Creator has given you.

Be Grateful You Always Have a Choice
Believe it or not, you always have a choice. And this is one thing why you need to be grateful and thank Allah. Every day, you always have a new opportunity to change your life. You have a choice whether to keep going or give up. Even in the toughest of situations, you always have a choice. Sometimes, you just refuse to see that there is another way to your problem simply because it’s less fun and makes you have to work extra hard. This should be removed in your thought example.