8 Ways to Be Respected & Respected by Others

Material wealth, prestigious education, a beautiful or handsome face may make you more famous around you but are not the main factors that make you appreciated. A high position, powerful and has a big impact does not necessarily make you appreciated and respected. Julybe they are reluctant, but their fear is fear, not respect and appreciation.

Basically people will respect us when we ourselves respect ourselves and others. “Whoever plants the seeds, he will also harvest them”… Who can be respectful and respectful of others, then others will also do the same thing without you asking for it. Well here are some small and simple patterns that you may be appreciated and respected by others:

Respect and appreciate others
As I wrote in the point above if you want other people to respect and appreciate you then do the same to them. Other people’s assessment of you is a good reward for your actions to others.

Say and be honest
Honesty is the main foundation that you must do when you build relationships with other people whether it’s work relationships, friendly relationships or emotional relationships with the opposite sex. Honest words and attitudes grow other people’s trust in you. With trust they will appreciate and respect you. Honesty is very expensive, once you lie it will be very difficult to get the full trust of the person you have lied to.

Maintain a hygienic and neat appearance
When other people don’t know you, your appearance is their initial evaluation. Keeping yourself clean, clothes will increase your authority in front of others. Don’t just follow the “trends / fashion” which you think is sometimes good, but other people who see your appearance are actually amused by your appearance. Dress clean, comfortable, smell good, look good (good appearance doesn’t only mean wearing branded clothes) and appropriate so that other people will respect and appreciate you.

A smile is a miracle that is not only good for you who do it but for those who see your smile. A smile will offer you an evaluation from others that you are an open, friendly and kind person. but it must be remembered that a pure smile is not made up.

Be polite in word and deed
Being polite in word and deed will make it easier for you to get along and allow you to enter a new environment wherever you are.

Many people will test you, touch your area of ​​discomfort. No matter what they say, believe in yourself and your worth, then disrespect for people will disappear. Try to be optimistic and confident. It’s easy to judge the bad side of a situation, but if we try to overcome obstacles and obstacles we can live happier and bolder in front of other people. Find ways to help others and your own problems will be lighter, and you’ll feel better about doing them. How can you convince others to respect and appreciate yourself if you are not confident in your own abilities.

Think positively
You are what you think. When you can think more clearly then it will indirectly influence your actions. People who always think in plain sight usually their actions will also be positive. When you can think and act in plain view, without being asked, others will respect and respect you.

Keeping promises
It is very easy to promise something to others but very difficult to keep a promise. When you break an agreement or don’t keep your agreement with others, other people will no longer trust you.