8 Ways to Delete WeChat Application Account, Latest!

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a guide on how to delete a WeChat account? Because it already has many similar applications, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Line!. Relax, in this article we will provide information about it.

Over time, the application chat WeChat online is now starting to be abandoned by its loyal users. Why? The reason is because the apk pioneered by We Chat Pte Ltd has started to compete with its competitors.

There is nothing wrong if users of this application in the country want to delete their personal WeChat accounts. Julybe because of the above factors or other personal reasons, so users want to get rid of this application from the Bamboo Curtain country.

Talking about how to delete a WeChat account, actually the developer of this apk has provided a special feature to do this. However, there are still many users of this application who do not understand how to remove the WeChat app, send this online message.

Based on the above problem, we will provide info on how to permanently delete WeChat app account. But, before going to the topic of discussion, users need to know the terms and conditions of deleting this user account.

Terms and Conditions Permanently Delete WeChat Account

For WeChat users who want to delete their personal accounts, they cannot do so arbitrarily. There are several conditions that need to be understood before the process of deleting an account is carried out.

  • The WeChat apk delete account feature, only applies outside the origin region, namely China
  • For users who create a WeChat account in China, they cannot delete the account.
  • The process of deleting an account can only be done via HP itself. Valid on new cellphones
  • Users need to have access to remove WeChat app password
  • After the account deletion process is complete, users need to wait for 7 days.
  • If the user makes an error in entering the WeChat password three times in a period of 1 day. Then the owner’s account can be unilaterally deleted within the next 24 hours.
  • Complete the billing before the account deletion process is carried out.

How to Permanently Delete WeChat Account

For those of you who have read the conditions for deleting a WeChat account, and still have the intention to do so. So, please follow the steps below to start the deletion process!

  1. Open the WeChat App using the respective account.
  2. Go to Settings Menu
  3. Then tap option Account security > WeChat Security Center
  4. Next, select Account Cancellation > Request Cancellation
  5. If a notification appears regarding account deletion, please just tap Close.
  6. Then, tap Next > Agree and Confirm Cancellation to start the confirmation process of account deletion.
  7. If there is an image notification with a tick logo in the middle, then congratulations! Your account has been successfully deactivated by WeChat.
  8. Now, users just need to tap Finish and Logout to exit the WeChat apps.

Notes: Deletion of this account is not permanent. So users can still login according to the previously registered account, within 2 months. However, the user has not visited the account during this period. Then, the account will be permanently deleted.

How to Activate Deleted WeChat

Sometimes we come across WeChat users who want to reopen their accounts. In fact, he has committed to delete it permanently.

So, is it possible to reactivate the deleted WeChat account, min?

In this case, we can only say DEPENDING!.

Why depends? Because if the user has passed the waiting limit for account deletion, which is 60 days from the start of deleting the account, then it is impossible to do.

However, if not. Of course, this can be done. Users just need to log in to your WeChat application using an account that you have deleted non-permanently before. By doing this, the wechat account deactivation process will automatically be canceled.

That’s a brief description that we can convey regarding how to delete a WeChat account that we can convey. Hopefully the little writing above will make it easier for you in the process of deactivating your account or cancel deactivate WeChat app account. That’s all and good luck