8 Ways to Melt the Heart of a Silly, Quiet & Shy Woman

Tips to melt the heart of a cool girl – Ignorant, quiet and shy women are a big challenge that men usually like, the harder it is to melt his heart the more challenging. I still remember the experience of my brother who took almost 1.5 years to melt the heart of my brother-in-law, who is indeed a cold, quiet and shy woman. And now my brother has cute and cute twins and it feels like I’m the uncle who doesn’t see how it feels for 1 day hehehe…

Ok, back to the topic this time I will summarize my brother’s experience and will share that experience with you about how to melt the heart of a woman who is indifferent, shy and maybe also quiet. The key to melting women’s hearts in general is how you make them feel comfortable in your presence, and here are some tips:

Melting the Hearts of Ignorant, Quiet & Shy Women

Do not ever lie
Women who are indifferent, quiet and shy do need extra patience to be able to get their attention, lest just your little lies can destroy the trust you have built. be yourself without the need to be someone else to make them memorable, Generally, girls who are indifferent, quiet and shy will like men who believe in themselves and of course honest.

Intense patience and communication
As I said in the opening point above, from my brother’s experience, who based on me is quite handsome just like his younger brother (meaning me) hahahahaha…it took a lot of time to get my brother-in-law who is quite indifferent, quiet and shy. Even though they had known each other from the first time they entered college, it still took 1.5 years from the time they graduated from college. Getting a girl who is indifferent, shy and quiet does require extra patience and of course the intense communication you need to attract the attention of this type of woman.

Extra attention
well besides extra patience and intensive communication to get this girl who is indifferent, quiet and shy, you also need extra attention. The attention you give will show that you are serious and to build the trust of this type of woman is indeed very difficult, but if you manage to get their attention these types of women generally have high fidelity.

Believe in yourself
Ignorant, shy and quiet women like men who are confident but responsible, how are you going to build a better relationship with this woman if you are not confident while this woman is shy and quiet, maybe it will be a pebble style courtship (shut up) – just stay quiet if you find it looks like a pebble hehehehe….)

Take care of their emotions and feelings
Women who are quiet and shy generally have high sensitivity even though they seem indifferent, once you hurt or lie to them or disappoint them it will be very difficult for you to gain complete trust from them.

Clarify your correlation
Ignorant, shy and pensive women generally want a more serious relationship. It’s only natural that they are indifferent, quiet and like to seek attention or seek popularity to attract the attention of many people. They just want someone who is sincere and serious.

This is clear… Generally every woman wants the loyalty of her partner no matter they are indifferent, quiet, shy, cheerful, humorous or otherwise, all women certainly demand loyalty from their partner

Get close to his family
Now if you have used the above method to get the attention of women who are indifferent, shy, quiet and have not produced the right results, the last trick is to approach their friends, closest people and their families. Usually this type of woman will be attracted to you if you can melt and create comfort and closeness with their family members.

Well, that’s my brother’s experience that I summarized about how to get the attention of a super cool, quiet and shy woman, namely my brother-in-law (sorry, sweet sister hehehe…) Well if you have other experiences or views on how to melt hearts women who are ignorant, shy and quiet, please share your information with thousands of other readers of this blog, a little share from you can be useful for others.