8 Ways to Use Terabox on Android Phones

Portalsitaro.com – For HP users who have problems with file storage space. Now comes an application that functions as a third storage container, in addition to internal and external memory. This app is Terabox.

Terabox is an innovative storage or cloud application that can store various files on your device. This Terabox Apk can also organize, manage and provide free storage space for your various types of files.

In fact, the Terabox apk has a large enough storage capacity, which is 1000GB or the equivalent of 1 TB. And there are many more facilities provided by this cloud storage.

Well, below we will provide information on how to use the Terabox application on an Android phone. For those of you who want to know how to do it, let’s see the explanation we describe below!

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How to Use Terabox on Android

Before we get to the core of the discussion, make sure you have the Terbox application first. If you don’t have it, you can download it directly on the Play Store, or via the link we’ve included below.

Terabox Apk Download Link

Just for info, users can use this Terabox apk for free. So, use it as much as possible as a place to backup important files that you have. So that when HP is lost, you can still access it.

Here are the steps in using this Terabox application.

  1. Open the Terabox App
  2. Then, if there is a notification of approval, please click Approve.
  3. To make user data safe, the user must first log in to Terabox.
  4. Please use the Google email that has been tied to your cellphone to make this login process easier.
  5. After successfully logging in, the user will be immediately given 2 options, namely ‘activate backup automatically for all data on the cellphone’ or ‘later on’.
  6. Please select one of these options.
  7. OK, here we select enable automatic backup. So all data on the cellphone will be backed up or stored in the Terabox application without the need to do it manually.
  8. Now, to see how much storage space is available, please click the profile icon in the upper left corner. Later, users will be shown the online memory capacity you have.

For users who feel the storage is lacking, respectively. You can upgrade it to 2 TB, provided there is a fee for the process of upgrading this memory capacity.

Because in the description above we have backed up files automatically, so at this stage we don’t need to download files to save files that we want to backup to this free 1TB storage Terabox application.

How to Backup Files Manually on Terabox

For users who do not enable the automatic file saving method, you can also use the manual method. The method:

  • Click the + icon in the lower right corner
  • Then, please select what files you want to backup to this Terabox apk. such as photos, videos, or other document files.
  • If you want to be directed directly to your HP file manager, please click ‘Other’.
  • Please select any files to be uploaded to the Terabox application.
  • For example, want to back up videos. please select a video, then click upload. Done

Then, how do I get the file back to my cellphone again, min?

Easy! You just need to select the files you want to restore to your mobile device. Later, the file will be loaded back into the cellphone.

Is Terabox Safe to Use?

Until this article was published, there have been no problems or complaints from Terabox users. Therefore, please use the Terabox application as an online cloud for data files on your cellphone.

In addition to getting 1TB of data storage, users are also given several other advantages which include security features in this Terabox application. So data is pretty safe if no one else knows about it.

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Those are some methods for using the Terabox application on this Android phone. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for all of you. That’s all and please try.