9 Effective Tips to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Tips to increase Google Adsense earnings – Surfing in cyberspace is indeed a fun thing, but it will be even more exciting if the fun surfing activities on the internet also make money hehehhehe…. My own experience, I like to write and share my hobby with the world of blogging. At first my intention was to have several blogs and websites that I devoted only to channeling my hobby to writing and sharing my writings with my readers, but after struggling for quite a while in the blogging world I became interested in make money through blog and my website. Especially after I felt the money I pocketed from the internet now I really spend my activities to manage blogs and the web (full blogger), I even left my job at a fairly well-known company in Jogja.

It’s not an easy thing to make a lot of money on the internet, I also feel it myself, even in my opinion, if you remember flashbacks, it’s very hard to be able to make enough money with the internet activities that I do. It takes hard work, an unyielding spirit and the most important thing is to keep learning how to make money on the internet. It took me 3 years to really make money from the blogs and webs that I was involved in, and now I am grateful that I can make money through the blogs and websites that I manage, although they are not big enough, but I should appreciate the results of the hard work I do, count make savings for merried hehehehhe….. Read also how to register google adsense.

Ok back again about how to make money from the internet through Adsense, I manage several blogs and websites in English and Indonesian including this blog. To increase adsense income, it will be very different from one blogger to another, because adsense income is influenced by many factors. It doesn’t mean you have a lot of blog visitors, having a lot of valid clicks made by visitors keeps you making a lot of money. Generally in other advertising activities it is said that visitor traffic is directly proportional to money in blogging, but this is not really accurate in terms of Adsense advertising. easy to accept google adsense.

Many factors affect your Adsense income. This includes ad placements, ad types, traffic sources and most importantly CPC, Adsense. If you are doing keyword research, keep an eye on the CPC column. The higher the CPC, the better for you as an Adsense publisher. If you target a high CPC, then the number of words, keywords and clicks on your ad will usually be higher. You can also use tools like SEMrush to find profitable keywords.

From my experience and visiting a number of adsense institutions, here are some ways to increase Google Adsense income that I have practiced and in the end it is effective to increase my Google Adsense income:

Ad placement size & location
This is one of the most common factors involved in getting a high vs low CTR. You should try placing Adsense ads around the post content either above the post, middle or bottom of the post. If you place adsense ads outside of posts, make sure they match the design of your site. Here are some Adsense sizes that work best 336 x 280, Large Rectangle 300 x 250, 728 x 90 and 160 x 600. If you want to increase Adsense revenue, you can easily configure Adsense ads to match ad colors with blog page background or Make your website look suitable, and add a 468×60 image ad or text link ad in between posts. Keep in mind that if you want to provide a good user experience for your readers then make sure to add enough space between ads & content, so that it doesn’t violate AdSense policies and readers don’t feel bothered by the ad layout.

Traffic to your blog or website
Adsense ads perform best and generate better revenue when your traffic occurs from search engines. Don’t forget also that blog visitors will have a higher interest in clicking on adsense ads if they enter your blog from search results followed by ads that appear relevant on your blog or website. Many people complain about low CPC and low Adsense revenue despite having millions of impressions per month. This is most commonly due to CPC and traffic sources.

To get high CPC traffic from elite countries (countries that pay the highest ads) such as US, UK, Australia, some European countries etc. So always keep in mind that blogs in international language (English) and have visitor traffic from the countries I mentioned above will have higher adsense income when compared to Indonesian language blogs with local visitor traffic targeting. Start targeting visitor traffic from countries like USA and UK, and you will get high CPCs. Learning more about how to optimize on-page SEO can help you a lot.

Adsense for Search, Add it as an additional source of income
Adsense offers many ways to monetize your website or blog, and you should try to profit from all kinds of ads. Adsense for Search not only helps you make money, but also helps with user navigation. But again, based on my experience in managing several blogs and websites, the addition of adsense for search is most effective when applied to English-language blogs or websites.

More relevant ads
Adsense is a contextual ad network that works based on the content and content of your page, and this includes headers and footers. So the ads displayed through Adsense must be very relevant to the context of your article so that the ads displayed also have relevance to the content you publish so that it attracts visitors to click on the ads displayed.

Image or Ad Text
One of the myths of AdSense is that display ads are better, even though both display ads and text ads end up being the same. By blocking an ad type or ad category, you reduce your ad competition, and it also lowers your ad’s CPM. I prefer to use both types of ads, both display ads and text ads.

Placement targeting
When you create a channel, you have the option to add more details about the ad type, and then place the ad for auction in the marketplace by specifying placement targeting. This increases competition, and the value of advertising on your site increases. You must enable this manually for each custom channel. To enable placement targeting on an existing custom channel, login to your Adsense account > My ads > Custom > Custom Channels. Next, click on one of the names and a screen will appear. Just add details and place a check mark on placement targeting.

Adsense Category blocking
In the new Adsense interface, the blocking feature category has become much easier to use. You can quickly see categories of ads that are underperforming, and you can block those categories. I usually block categories that have a very low percentage of earnings.

Keep trying
If your only source of income is revenue from Google Adsense ads, then maybe these tips will help you. It is important to test various things and see what works best to increase your Adsense. For example, you can play with link color combinations to get maximum CTR, etc. Or you can change the position of the best ad that can increase your adsense income.